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One of the most impresive professionals in motion design:


Who's honor?

Dead by honor

A furious comment after reading that link's content: It seems that honor is a matter of MEN owning women! when is this crazy construct from stupidity going to end...? Why do we women have to put up with such imbecility? If men were murdered by women in the degree that honour murders happen, millions of women would be killed to protect men.
But in this male world, these murderers will stay alive after killing women "by honour". Civility only goes as far as it crashes with male interest....

from wikipedia:

Previously, honour figured largely as a guiding principle of society, functioning as part of a code of honour for a gentleman and often coming to expression in the practice of duelling. One's honour, that of one's wife, of one's (blood-)family or of one's beloved formed an all-important issue: the archetypal "man of honour" remained ever alert for any insult, actual or suspected: for either would impugn his honour.

The concept of honour appears to have declined in importance in the modern secular West. Popular stereotypes would have it surviving more definitively in alleged "hot-blooded" Mediterranean cultures (Italian, Arab, Iberian...) or in more "gentlemanly" societies (like the "Old South" of Dixie). Feudal or other agrarian societies, focused upon land use and land ownership, may tend to honour "honour" more than do deracinated industrial societies. Traces of the importance attached to honour linger in the military (officers may conduct a court of honour) and in organisations with military echoes, such as Scouting.

"Honour" in the case of females is frequently related, historically, to sexuality: preservation of "honour" equated primarily to maintenance of virginity, or at least to preservation of exclusive monogamy. One can speculate that feminism has changed some linguistic usage in this respect.

Cultures of honour and cultures of law

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One can contrast cultures of honour with cultures of law. From the viewpoint of anthropology, cultures of honour typically appear among nomadic peoples and herdsmen who carry their most valuable property with them and risk having it stolen, without having recourse to law enforcement or government. In this situation, inspiring fear forms a better strategy than promoting friendship; and cultivating a reputation for swift and disproportionate revengeMontesquieu to Steven Pinker have remarked upon the mindset needed for a culture of honour. increases the safety of one's person and property. Thinkers ranging from

Cultures of honour therefore appear amongst Bedouins, Scottish and English herdsmen of the Border country, and many similar peoples, who have little allegiance to a national government; among cowboys, frontiersmen, and ranchers of the American West, where official law-enforcement often remained out of reach, as is famously celebrated in Westerns; among the plantation culture of the American South, and among aristocrats, who enjoy hereditaryprivileges that put them beyond the reach of codes of law. Cultures of honour also flourish in criminal underworlds and gangs, whose members carry large amounts of cash and contraband and cannot complain to the law if it is stolen.

Once a culture of honour exists, it is difficult for its members to make the transition to a culture of law; this requires that people become willing to back down and refuse to immediately retaliate, and from the viewpoint of the culture of honour, this tends to appear to be an unwise act reflecting weakness.

Conceptions of honour vary widely between cultures; in some cultures, honour killings of (usually female) members of one's own family are considered justified if they have "defiled the family's honour" by marrying against one's wishes, or even by being the victims of rape. These honour killings are generally seen in the West as a way of men using the culture of honour to control female sexuality.

Related concepts

In contemporary international relations, the concept of "credibility" resembles that of honour, as when the credibility of a state or of an alliance appears to be at stake, and honour-bound politicians call for drastic measures.

Compare the concepts of integrity, face (social custom) in stereotyped Oriental cultures, or of mana in Polynesian society.

For a similar concept with many connotations opposite to honour, see shame.


  • "... Honour ... remains awake in us like a last lamp in a temple that has been laid to waste." — Alfred de Vigny, Servitude et grandeur militaires (1835).
  • "... during the time that the aristocracy was dominant, the concepts honour, loyalty, etc. were dominant, during the dominance of the bourgeoisie the concepts freedom, equality, etc." — Marx and Engels, The German Ideology.
  • "We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst." — C. S. Lewis, The Abolition of Man
  • "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die..." — William Goldman, The Princess Bride
  • "To die with honour, when one can no longer live with honour." — Giacomo Puccini, Madama Butterfly



astonishing! This guy is an excellent animator/designer. I'm in shock by the beauty in his work.



Great magazine content,
great design: pure science.


TV for contemporary people

This is the web channel from the WALKER art center. The Walker is one of the best museums of contemporary art in the world. These are the broadcasts from previous lectures on art, culture and design issues held at the WAC. Priceless!

Crazy man with millions, go figure!


New Blog

Some friends and I had to create a blog as an assignment... what a better excuse to create a collective of girls! wee. The mothership has landed!


black birds

Today I felt like I need to voice my admiration to winter birds: Crows (CORVUS in latin, CUERVOS in spanish) are one of the animals that have gained my respect in my time living in the northern US. I admire their tenacity in coexisting with the more vicious species: humans. They are smart enough to limit their encounters with humans during summer time...Then to recover the urban territory in winter time. They seem to me "winter" birds because they are one of the few beings that make life happen in the cold -in a noisy way-. They remind me that not all is dormant in winter and that while humans rule earth in sunny conditions they are stronger in winter conditions. Here are some observations by scientist on the intelligence of the persistent and articulate black birds:

While tool use among birds is not unheard of, Hunt's New Caledonian crows, close kin to American crows, were observed employing two distinctly different kinds of tools to forage for invertebrates such as insects, centipedes, and larvae. Such specialization in tool manufacture has not heretofore been observed in nonhuman animals, according to Hunt. The observations occurred between November 1992 and March 1995 in New Caledonia, a group of islands 900 miles northeast of Australia. Hunt observed both manufacture and use of a hooked tool made by plucking and stripping a barbed twig. He also observed the use, but not manufacture, of what he described as a "stepped cut tool" with serrated edges. He did, however, observe and photograph leaves from which crows had started to cut such stepped tools."

Supodselly crows and ravens articulate sounds (the noisy interventions in groups) not to convey concepts but to express emotions...So a gathering of noisy crows is a poetry jam! Awesome birds...

Two things that I found funny when researching good liks for this entry: some individuals are obsessed in finding "white" crows...(white whatever, to give sense to their white ideals)...weird individuals. Some other individuals (most of humans i'm afraid) think of brave and selfsuficient animals as pest. Like animals have no right to survive finding food in our mess...researching about animals we find more thruth about humans, I think.


A creative carrot head

So, Valentino happens to be orange! I find obsession to tanning pretty funny when is taken into orange leathery extremes....even Meryl Streep seems to have a dash of the orange surface on her cheek...is he melting?
I happen to have olive skin, so when I see a tanned person that goes into the fake realm of neon food colors it makes me laugh...Thanks for the good times Don Valentino! It is like me trying to look credible if I had some fake blonde...I would look like one of these
Picture taken during October 2005 in NYC.

"Meryl Streep, in Valentino, with the designer, who received the Fashion Superstar award."


wallpaper in motion

Motion from the Netherlands. AMAZING work!


FEUDAL times

Feudal Lord Luciano Benetton, the owner of Benneton has donated "his" land to the MAPUCHES (aboriginal community from the south of Argentina and Chile). This act is not a Marketing strategy to make fairness part of the Benneton allure, NO!. This is only the natural course of things in postcolonial times. Don Benneton had bought "public" land from one fascist Argentinean authority that sold the aborigines land to the rich Italian. Crazy story but truth...The story of Latin America and Feudal Lords from foreign lands buying properties ignoring whole communities (in spite of those people)...It seems that this "return" of lands is making sense of all the craziness that has made the AMERICAN continent.Talking about a PR campaign gone BAD.


jihad by the infidels?

It is really funny to hear that a feminist wants to defend women rights within the boundries of islamic religion...is like trying to make gravity happen in cero gravity environments...

"Organisers of the first international congress on Islamic feminism are calling for a "gender jihad...
Organisers say they want more collaboration with western feminists but say non-Muslim feminists need to challenge their anti-Islamic stereotypes."

I guess they are trying to create a bridge between the "islamic world" and the "western world", but in reality any effort for promote femenist views within religion in western or eastern cultures is plainly futile...Most (I think all) religions opress in one way or the other, female nature. Female nature is, within all big religions, something to control and avoid, something evil, subhuman, twisted, non correct. Where as male nature is something to
prise and mostly to follow. I think religion (any religion) is a face on human social development that should be left as a bunch of fear on punishment (from the hand of a male god) mixed with faith on what it can not be explained, and of course all sort of social constructs to opress who rebels against the monopoly of faith based power. It is a power based on opression, ignorance, superstition, mediocrecy, with a veil of superficial mercy on others (mercy on who, I would ask).
In all cultures "infidels" are most of the time women....no wonder why...


scandinavian e-motion

A Norwegian guy once told me many jokes about how silly Swedish people were...and then a Swedish girl told jokes about how silly Norwegians were...This is a website that a scandinavian looking dear fellow likes...I like it to! No silly jokes here.


mapping stuff

Functional visualizations are more than innovative statistical analyses and computational algorithms. They must make sense to the user and require a visual language system that uses colour, shape, line, hierarchy and composition to communicate clearly and appropriately, much like the alphabetic and character-based languages used worldwide between humans."

Matt Woolman
Digital Information Graphics


VisualComplexity.com intends to be a unified resource space for anyone interested in the visualization of complex networks. The project main goal is to leverage a critical understanding of different visualization methods, across a series of disciplines, as diverse as Biology, Social Networks or the World Wide Web. I truly hope this space can inspire, motivate and enlighten any person doing research on this field.

Not all projects shown here are genuine complex networks, in the sense that they aren’t necessarily at the edge of chaos, or show an irregular and systematic degree of connectivity. However, the projects that apparently skip this class were chosen for two important reasons. They either provide advancement in terms of visual depiction techniques/methods or show conceptual uniqueness and originality in the choice of a subject. Nevertheless, all projects have one trait in common: the whole is always more than the sum of its parts.


Tom Ford loves the machine

He has capitalized on the human tendency of
not so secretly adoring sex. He put Gucci on the hot sphere of mass consumption...luxe for all...

"When sex goes out of business, so do we."

A bon mot of brilliance delivered back when by Estée Lauder, one her son Leonard Lauder takes considerable delight in repeating.

Assuming the beauty doyenne was correct, these should be heady times for the house she founded. This month will see the first fruits of Lauder's curious marriage with Tom Ford, the man for whom sex and style are virtually synonymous. "We've always tried to position ourselves where we're selling something that's really sexy," says Leonard Lauder, the company chairman. "That's the cornerstone of Estée Lauder."

W: These pictures look futuristic-creepy—not a celebration of beauty.

TF: We are futuristic; we're on the cusp of being able to manipulate humans genetically to grow into whatever we think looks good. The moment we can start manipulating genes, how long are our legs going to get? Beauty used to be all about cream and lotions, and now it's not. It's about Botox. It's about fillers. It's about mini facelifts. We've reached a level of manipulation. And then of course I'm portrayed as the one doing the manipulating…the polishing, buffing, shaping, which is what I do. It's just what we do. What the fashion industry does.


the cold days are here to stay for months...


hot or cold design

A couple of designers from portugal came with this design for bedding sheets:
"Couple(name of design) can be a game or a monitoring system.
The ruler is printed so as to be readable from inside the bed.
The numbering rises outwards and from warm to cold colours.
Each person knows how much he or she can pull and how far apart the couple rests."


Final test : past!

My interview/exam went pretty well. 20 minutes before the scheduled exam, I realized that my green card was somewhere out of my reach. I freaked out for 20 minutes....Then I decided that I had to go without that document and hope they will allow me to take the exam. I drove late to the apointment, like a mad foreign woman. Then I circled the same block for 10 minutes without realizing that I was looking for an imaginary different address than the immigration building. Here there was in front of me and I always thought that it was a new address (next building or something). I arrived , sat, and after 1 minute the officer called my name...The Officer asked many questions that I partially answered and then when not having the exact answer, ..Anyhow, that is what they require to give you the precious right to vote. I'll be sworn as citizen in a short while. WEE!

Men in tights! fuck yeah!

I love tights! I have had tights across many different periods throughout my life...Breeches, tights, super slim pants, and I just adore them. You have to have some nice toned legs to wear tights properly.... otherwise you would look like a crazy taco. Anyway it seems that my favorite feminine/masculine style is coming so super strong into fashion, that many spring collections for males were inspired by Nurayev. Rock on my pretty male ballerina!
"Nureyev's signature peaked fishermen's caps and wool beanies were the crowning glories on a schizoid personal look that embodied his Rimbaud-Rambo ying-yang sides. He was just as inclined to dress like a stevedore who might have calluses on his calluses as he was to step out resembling a doyenne in Oriental robes and shawls. Fittingly, for a brawling balletomane who grew up in 1950's Russia having to wear his sisters' hand-me-downs, Nureyev became the mediagenic personification of jet-set-era androgyny, an agent for sexual and cultural change whom the dance critic Arlene Croce once dubbed "Gorbachev's advance man." ">> NYTIMES.


North or South, I'm definitely American!

I have the test for becoming a citizen tomorrow morning...It seems really easy. I hope to pass it only using my general knowledge on American history. Regarding rights: I personally find the right to bear arms, the most ridiculous right EVER! Only make sense if you are a paranoid person and believe in the rule of the natural law (Hobbes).In the study guide there are some useless questions regarding past wars... Like we need to remember who shouted some rant against some other country on the top of a hill...I think the most important thing to take into consideration is to take pride in the multitude of cultures mixing in this continent: the whole melting pot...I'm totally melted! ...melting on this planet!
I'll post my exam experience afterwards.



Editorial: images + content

For my 'editorial design' class I have to build a book.
Each student can decide what would be the topic of the book.
I choose fashion by location. I'm planning to include some serious essays about cultural identity through fashion, as I go to very distinct locations and take a series of minimum 30 people per location. I'm posting the images in my website while in college.



I must confess:Although I'm ridicusly hot, my alter ego is a nerd.


This guys are awesome! Not that they are my super friends or anything: they ROCK! I recomend two songs from this new band: Valderrama y Cae. Good music.
Here is the front cover of the final compositions I made for their new CD.


Ryan McGuiness

My greatest inspiration. This designer/artist has been able to create a style that has permeated all visual aesthetics in what is cool and sophisticated... Astonishing excellence!


crazy little things

Apple announced the Ipod NANO. cute and not expensive....too bad that I just got my second Ipod "biggo".

"After summarizing the existing iPod product line, Jobs explained that the iPod mini is what all of Apple's competitors are aiming for. Apple is "going to do something pretty bold," he said. Apple is "replacing it with something new."

Jobs calls the iPod nano "an entirely new ground-up design, that also has 1000 songs in your pocket." The white device features a color display and can support photos, uses a grey click wheel to navigate, and is 80 percent smaller in volume than the original iPod -- thinner than a number two pencil, said Jobs. The iPod nano weighs 1.5 ounces or 42 grams.

Compared to the iPod mini, the iPod nano is half the thickness and 62 percent smaller by volume. It uses a 30-pin dock connector, so the iPod nano plugs in to existing iPod accessories, and can also connect using USB 2.0. It features a 14-hour rechargeable battery. It achieves its small size by eschewing a hard disk drive in favor of flash memory."
"Jobs told the crowd that Apple has sold more than half a billion songs through its iTunes Music Store to date. "We are selling songs at a rate of 1.8 million songs per day," he explained. "iTunes has an 82 percent market share here in the US."

Jobs reiterated an Apple press release offered earlier today that it has 80 percent of the legitimate online music download market in the UK, and said that iTunes is doing "extremely well around the world." There are iTunes Music Stores in 20 countries, he said, representing 85 percent of the global music market."


"Pastafarians" unite

Flying Spaghetti Monsterism
is a parody religion created to protest the decision by the Kansas State Board of Education to allow intelligent design to be taught in science classes alongside evolution.

The "religion" has since become an Internet phenomenon that has garnered many followers of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (sometimes referring to themselves as "Pastafarians", a pun on Rastafarians) who claim to have been touched by "His Noodly Appendage" and preach the word of their "noodly master" as the one true religion. Flying Spaghetti Monsterism is primarily the invention of Bobby Henderson, a graduate of Oregon State University with a degree in physics.


Natural state of violence

Thomas Hobbes (leviathan) resonates in mi head while listening to the news of the collapse of "civility" in New Orleans. I believe is time for this U.S. system to develop a conscientious staged process for granting "the order of civilization", avoiding the "natural law" rule. It seems that they (current higher political power) takes for granted civilization as a condition intrinsic to geographical area, and the use of military power...They fail to see basic structures on different societies that maintain and legitimate order. It is a extremely complicated topic in deed. Hobbes gives at least one of the corner stones for understanding human behavior, chaos, and power legitimacy.
This fundamentals in political theory are grounded in the believe of a God (XVI century). Something that currently I find harmful for society in general and women specifically. But again everything needs to be read taking into consideration the valuable and ignoring the futile.

Blonde redhead

Blonde redhead is one of my favorite music groups. It is not pop music, so it has many sharp edges. I'm very interested in the structure and melody of their music, plus the lyrics are al bit psychotic and intimate: lovely. Music for a few.
They have like 3 different websites.
Here are some videos and music samples.
"None of the band are American. Amadeo and Simone came from Milan as teenagers to live in Montreal, while Kazu relocated from her home town of Kyoto in the early 90s to study in New York, where the band initially formed and where all three still live. These tangled paths are reflected in the intuitive twists and turns of Blonde Redhead's music, which has increasingly shed its influences to follow a strange, bewitching and cosmopolitan logic of its own."

Tijuana Bible

Again: culture, religion, and geography connected to a sexual "reality"
In terms of design: awesome little booklet, with a forbidden and humorous allure.



While living in Berlin in my very early twenties, I discovered that sex was a pastime for many people trying to stop boredom: some type of national hobby. These days I think it is a pastime not exclusive to a culture or an age...Even though some want to believe it is exclusive to a gender.

An essay by Peter Saville on pornography that link commercial art and sex.
...And yes, he is naive enough to think that pornography is a "male" motivated past time...like women are floating in ether and males are the ones living on "reality"....Whose reality? It seems that men escaped from the religious/cultural constructions the kept separated sex from entertainment, but women are supposed to stick to those constructions like some type of "natural" tendency. I would say that men might find themselves more addicted to the past time than women to restate their very "cultural freedom". Interesting essay anyhow.

"Most of our popular culture these days is based on familiarity. It's good business. Challenging is not good business."
This quote is what I consider A basic in the semiotics of globalization!

"I can say categorically that porn depraves and corrupts. Absolutely. Frequent exposure to pornography changes your sensibility about personal behavior.

More essays.


“L' exactitude n'est pas la vérité” -Matise

This project has always fascinated me. Ideas of identity across cultural perceptions and ideas of individual uniqueness that are mutually opposing. Very simple yet forceful project. AMAZING.

"Inspired by a shared interest in the striking dress codes of various social groups, the Rotterdam-based photographic team of Ari Versluis & Ellie Uyttenbroek have been systematically hamstringing such permutations of received identity for ten years. They call their series Exactitudes, a contraction of “exact” and “attitudes”. It’s August Sander and Eugène Atget turned on their heads by Bernd and Hilla Becher - a direct assault on the mythic formula that photography plus the street equals authenticity.

By dragging the repertory of the street kicking and screaming to the studio backdrop, the series offers a purposely absurd response to the sentimentality of Jamal Shabazz (“Back in the days”) and the beloved and utterly bogus spontaneity of the photo booth. It’s a perfect fit for an age that’s made the “cool hunt” a corporate pursuit. Of course the photos are starchy and obdurately posed and ever so consciously styled, because there can be no meaningful limit to the cross-contamination between those notions of a authenticity and supreme self-awareness."



“SHOWstudio is based on the belief that showing the entire creative process—from conception to completion—is beneficial for the artist, the audience and the art itself.”

Nick Knight

SHOWstudio is an online project committed to showing the process of creativity. Throughout its first four years, SHOWstudio has consistently broken new ground in pioneering new forms of interactive and motion imagery at its London studio and broadcasting these unique art and fashion collaborations via its award-winning website. Providing a ‘view from within’ the industry, its aim is to unpack every aspect of fashion image-making, from the generation of ideas and production stages through to the problem solving and minutiae of executing the final images.

the dude

Peter Saville is one of the rockstars of graphic design: Joy division, New order, Pulp are few of his 'clients'.
From his biography:
"In July 1978, Saville graduated from Manchester with a first class degree. He then undertook Factory's next major project, the sleeve for a Factory Sample. He became a founding partner in Factory Records, with Wilson, Joy Division's manager Rob Gretton and actor Alan Erasmus. This release heralded an assault on the post-punk burgeoning music scene in Manchester. The unqualified autonomy he enjoyed while working for the new label, initiated a freedom from the overt constraints of marketing, which further allowed him to experiment in the very semiotics of visual communications.... ...After the dissolution of Din Disc in 1982, Saville, along with his collaborators, the photographer Trevor Key and Brett Wickens (a Canadian design student), formed Peter Saville Associates (PSA). During these years, music industry clients were joined by institutions like the Whitechapel Art Gallery, London, the Pompidou Center, Paris, and the French Ministry of Culture, as well as fashion clients such as Yohji Yamamoto, Martin Sitbon and Jill Sander."


Postmodern POP music anybody?

M.I.A. is one of the good examples of the postmodern artist. Not that you have to be exotic to express your views, but it looks so good on her!
Awesome music, it feels like future.
To see her awesome style you can go the music section where there are some videos.
She graduated From St Martins (England) from fine arts/film.

Visual music

These guys have some good design > from the UK.
It is interesting to see the difference between cover design and poster design.

Andersen M Studio was formed by graphic designer and photographer Martin Andersen and has been operating since 1998.

The Studio works on a range of projects from music labels, book design, identities, fashion to branding campaigns. Clients include: Thames & Hudson, Virgin Records, EMI, Rough Trade, Accenture.

"Our influences stem from the classical, the avant-garde and contemporary art in creating solutions that have an enduring symbiosis between image and the written word."

The Studio ensures that each solution is artistically crafted and commercially considered.


Ciao Rachell

Rachel is moving to NYC. We had to eat some italian food in case she does not find a Italian restaurant there...
I'll see ya in some weeks in the big apple.

tu eres el amor de mi vida

This guy titled his
metadata with "tu eres el amor de mi vida". Why? 'cause he's Spanish cool!

Whatever the reason behind the awesome use of my 'lengua materna' his work is amazing!

*The Works of Nigel Evan Dennis
Skills to Pay the Bills.


New social club in NYC

A comment from an article in the NY times:"the Core Club, set to open its doors, for a few people anyway, in mid-September. "
"I see it more like a SOHO House," she said. "You know it's not really about if you're of a certain class. It's about interesting people."To assist members in this mission, club consultants or "curators" will filter through the cultural detritus of the day to recommend the best stuff to members.Lea Carpenter, a former publisher of The Paris Review, has been hired to curate the library; Yvonne Force Villareal, an art consultant and the wife of the artist Leo Villareal, will curate the art offerings. David Koh, a former film executive, will curate the movie library and so on. For the tens of thousands of dollars in fees, the elite membership is also promised access to galleys of coming books and screenings of not-yet-released movies - all the entree, in other words, of your average Entertainment Weekly intern.While traditional clubs serve to promote homogeneity and to preserve the social order by keeping new and different people away, the Core Club's pitch - and as a for-profit corporation, it has a pitch - is that it will serve as a place for a geographically and socially diverse set of wealthy people to gather and meet others of the same disparate tribe. As a result, its membership list resembles a kind of Noah's ark manifest of overachievers from various professional species."

Classism and colonialism recedes in front professional success (?)
Yeah, sure! If you give me $55.000 , I'll tell you how progressive you are.

My comment on such leisure activities of these "interesting" rich dudes, is that they think that only by paying they can compare them selves to intellectuals, artist and other "interesting people", when they are mere consumers of the work of others. Are they producing, in return, valuable matter? Are they even getting a profound experience? Do they want superficial interactions?
Is the consumption of cultural issues helping others than themselves?

I think that being a Museum patron or a "one artist" patron is more rewarding for all sides involved.

I would say the "interesting people club" is creating for them selves an illusion of cultural awareness: entertaining but superficial. A congregation of pseudo intellectual people that get bored easily, paying for sophisticated buffoons.
The question is: does the "new buffoon" make these "new kings", or the other way around?
If they would really interest in being part of trascendental social progress they should consider being witnesses also of the not flattering cultural reality: not only for entertaining purposes.
A real jester was able to pronounce what others would not dare to the king. The benefit was awareness, something elusive to people that isolate themselves with power or within the same group of people. Are those interactions from the new club meaningful for society at large? The level of ethics is still low if they think that they can acquire instantly the identity and awareness than others struggle to achieve -without that many curators by their side-.

Interesting topic anyhow.


Sweet song

This song is so sweet, but the video kind of sucks!
It has some cute characters, but the plot is totally out of synchrony with the song
...Plus the textures are not as harmonic as they can be. The wolf is pretty awesome. I don't know what is what bothers me about the video...I think is the textures and the pace.
I like the song so much that I don't mind the bad video .
...But what a wasted opportunity.
The lyrics and the sound are gorgeous.
Icelandic songstress Torrini unspools a nifty folkie ditty with deft musicianship and a winning sense of melody. The vid is a lumpy-but-cool animation telling the tale of returned call via message in a bottle. Love ain't easy, but this tune goes down smooth and sweet.

Ignore the ad before the video.


Pamela's (my boss) partner is Ann Bancroft. Interesting...

  • February 2001 - Ann and Norwegian polar explorer Liv Arnesen become the first women in history to sail and ski across Antarcticaÿs landmass - completing a 94 -day, 1,717-mile (2,747 trek).
  • 1993 - Ann leads the American Women's Expedition to the South Pole, a 67-day expedition of 660 miles (1,060 km) on skis by four women, earning the distinction of being the first known woman in history to cross the ice to both the North and South Poles.
  • 1992 - Ann leads the first American women's east to west crossing of Greenland.
  • 1986 - Ann dogsleds 1,000 miles (1,600 km) from the Northwest Territories in Canada to the North Pole as the only female member of the Steger International Polar Expedition, earning the distinction of being the first known woman in history to cross the ice to the North Pole.
  • Ann's other achievements include founding and leading the Ann Bancroft Foundation, a non-profit organization that celebrates the existing and potential achievements of women and girls.

some music for you today!


Macabre spring roll in summer time

Today, I choked eating spring rolls in a Vietnamese restaurant.I felt that I had no air left...I'm OK now, I coughed up the macabre little thing.
Next time when chocking alone, I'll throw my self rapidly against a chair...


base design

" Created in Brussels in 1993, Base is made up of 35 people divided between studios in Brussels, New York, Barcelona, Madrid, and Paris. The studio specializes in creative direction and brand development. With a clientele that spans the corporate, cultural, and institutional sectors, Base has worked on a broad range of projects, from creating small art pieces to designing brand identities and campaigns for major corporations. In addition, the agency has produced its own products, created BEople—a magazine about Belgian culture, and established BaseWORDS, a division dedicated to creative writing." Niiice!

NYC baby!

street style if you happen to enjoy virtual passers by,

shaolin dude

I wonder if these dudes actually have some hidden strong math skills or mere sense of present without fearing the future.
A hidden math dragon!?


style in movement

Hint is a design/fashion/style publication on the web. I specially enjoy the slide show articles and fashion week coverage. (Milan, Paris or NY). Plus some fashion editorials are magnificent motion graphic's creations.


Gems for my heart

I just bought two CD's of "The real Tuesday weld":
" I Lucifer", "The return of clerkenwell kid".

My review: awesome, folky, dark, quirky, and a bit electronic.
A fantastic soup for my ageless gipsy heart .
I have a new favorite group: The real Tuesday weld!
And a new favorite movie: Life aquatic! WEEEE!
Their website has some interesting videos -if you happen to have a fast connection-.
A sample (audio and video) here:

pong and telebolitos

I have some friends with an awesome band: los telebolitos. The band is named after the game PONG.They asked me to create the new album cover. I'm developing some ideas.
My concept: silly pong .


My photo
Compilation of aesthetic manifestations beyond compliance, bring us emancipation.