Maria Horn (me) interview in MoCoLoco

I was interviewed by MoCoLoco which is the most visited Design WebZine world wide. Here is an excerpt:
"Partisan is a socio-political plaything designed by Maria Horn, a member of the Bond design collective in New York. This trio of 3D puzzles leads to thinking about crucial global issues through pieces that represent energy, religion and power. The puzzle includes interlocking pieces that are negative and positive; by putting all the positive pieces together, the user creates a dove of peace, but all the negative ones will end up as a weapon of destruction. The pieces are housed within stylized humans, just as we harbour varying slates of negative and positive feelings and outlooks inside ourselves"....MORE


I apologize for not posting as often as I once did.
I'm currently the main writer of the Bond. blog
If you like all about design you should check it out.


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