Minimal Nomads

I just love the aesthetic sensibilities of Rick Owens. There is a very masculine approach to the sexy feminine silhouette, plus the supple skins... This time the volumes are a little more theatrical than before; thicker and strategically constructed to give life to the life style of the nomad: lux with function...How much I want all of these jackets!


Margiela's Super Girl

I like M.M. take on volumes, power, and fantasy. I see a collection inspired in a strong but totally playful and heroic woman. LOVE the neon boots. source


the reality of most New Yorkers

Trying to find a decent shoe box to live in Manhattan, I came across this posting on craigs list. Click on the image to go to the posting. The craziest thing is that after visiting aprox. 40 places in one week I can say that is not far from the truth. Manhattan is a nice place for you only if you have more than 1700 a month for rent sharing an apartment. Talking about living standards as its worse in most consumerist city.


Milky expressions

Milkshake Chocolate is a fashion / art online magazine based in New York City. Excellent fashion editorials! Here "la muy maja" Patricia.


Fuck girly said Darth Vader

Gareth Pugh's collections
points to the other side of girly. After years of Chloe ruling the fashion scene comes an
goth android with reminiscences of a Darth Vader a la Blade runner femininity. I actually love it: my kind of femininity. But I can see how this can get old in a week due to the lack of bad ass attitude in most of the target market. Bleak fun drama in the mean time! Source

Niagara by Alec Soth



Wee for Miff!

The fantastic illustration work of MIFF: childish, a bit sexy and totally stylish! My kind of illustrator. I 'm enjoying her cuteness so much that I feel she would be well known soon. I foresee a Colette protegee. Great work where individuality and mass appeal converge. SOURCE


"pretty smell medicine"

I adore animals, in fact I think they are divine creatures. I dare to say Jesus has come as a cow and is among us. The following parrot kind of says it:

"The finding of a parrot with an almost unparalleled power to communicate with people has brought scientists up short.

The bird, a captive African grey called N'kisi, has a vocabulary of 950 words, and shows signs of a sense of humour.

He invents his own words and phrases if he is confronted with novel ideas with which his existing repertoire cannot cope - just as a human child would do.

N'kisi's remarkable abilities feature in the latest BBC Wildlife Magazine.

N'kisi is believed to be one of the most advanced users of human language in the animal world.

About 100 words are needed for half of all reading in English, so if N'kisi could read he would be able to cope with a wide range of material.

Polished wordsmith

He uses words in context, with past, present and future tenses, and is often inventive.

One N'kisi-ism was "flied" for "flew", and another "pretty smell medicine" to describe the aromatherapy oils used by his owner, an artist based in New York.

When he first met Dr Jane Goodall, the renowned chimpanzee expert, after seeing her in a picture with apes, N'kisi said: "Got a chimp?"

He appears to fancy himself as a humourist. When another parrot hung upside down from its perch, he commented: "You got to put this bird on the camera."

Dr Goodall says N'kisi's verbal fireworks are an "outstanding example of interspecies communication".

In an experiment, the bird and his owner were put in separate rooms and filmed as the artist opened random envelopes containing picture cards.

Analysis showed the parrot had used appropriate keywords three times more often than would be likely by chance.

Captives' frustrations

This was despite the researchers discounting responses like "What ya doing on the phone?" when N'kisi saw a card of a man with a telephone, and "Can I give you a hug?" with one of a couple embracing.

Professor Donald Broom, of the University of Cambridge's School of Veterinary Medicine, said: "The more we look at the cognitive abilities of animals, the more advanced they appear, and the biggest leap of all has been with parrots."

Alison Hales, of the World Parrot Trust, told BBC News Online: "N'kisi's amazing vocabulary and sense of humour should make everyone who has a pet parrot consider whether they are meeting its needs.

"They may not be able to ask directly, but parrots are long-lived, and a bit of research now could mean an improved quality of life for years."

All images courtesy and copyright of Grace Roselli." SOURCE

Saint Martins goes wild

"Central Saint Martins student sybarites, drag queens, and young designers compete in a weekly spectacle of outdress-thy-neighbor, taking shoestring-budget sartorial customization—and incredible feats of makeup—to almost editorial levels of innovation." SOURCE


Ex drummer

the sad life of bimbos

The life of a woman driven by others sexual appetite, has come to an end. It is sad to see how tragic is the life of humans turned sexual objects. Rest in peace sex bombshell. The hell that she lived will be passed on to her daughter. Her story is definitely the side of sex that blends into darkness.


Atomic legacy

Paul Fusco photo investigation into what is now the Chernobyl population. Humans turned living monsters like their sons will be. Pain as constant reality in a parallel world that will remain for centuries. 7 million people affected, a war with no enemy.
"they grabbed god by the beard and now he is laughing. But we are the ones that pay for it"


Stumbling upon androgyny

First captured by the sartorialist, and now captured in
all his splendor by FaceHunter. What a creature!


Aya Kato

The rich magnificent work of the young Aya Kato.

A model to shoot

This image from the
sartorialist confirms my belief in "models" of photography as the strongest asset for the photographer. This woman was able to dramatize a scene in a matter of a second...giving the photographer the chance to capture that sublime scene, rather than the photographer trying to manipulate this woman essence to get...well what many get: nothing. Her attitude and understanding on her body language enabled the shoot. My favorite shot from Scott Schuman to date taking into account that there is nothing manipulated here except the camera angle. Photo is mostly about this type of happy accident.


Art Nouveau commercial influence

"The end of the century saw the advent of mass advertising. Chromolithography as an artistic medium provided possibilities for mass communication that printers and artists were quick to take advantage of. Perhaps the most crucial development for advertising in the twentieth century was the realization that the successful advertisement sold an idea or lifestyle rather than a product -- and sex sold products better than anything else. Just as the promise of sex could fill the theatres of Paris, so sex could sell anything from cigarettes and cars to painting and poetry. The erotic content in Art Nouveau advertising ranged from the subtle to the explicit. Designers did not just aim to sell the promise of sexual fulfillment to a male audience, but also, and extremely significantly, they were selling the idea of a sophisticated, decorative and glamorous identity to women -- increasingly the dominant consumers. As it was women who often held the domestic purse strings, it was they who came to be associated with shopping.The theme of objects fulfilling a sexual need was not a new one, although it found particular resonance in the fin de siècle. In Leopold von Sacher-Masoch's novel Venus in Furs, Severin describes his lust for an inanimate sculpture of Venus: 'I love her madly, passionately with a feverish intensity, as one can only love a woman who responds to one with a petrified smile... Often at night I pay a visit to my cold, cruel beloved; clasping her knees, I press my face against her cold pedestal and worship her'. The de Goncourt brothers wrote of the erotic fascination of their Rococo objects, developing an overtly sexual and torturous relationship with them: Jules recorded his dreams of 'raping a delicate young woman who resembled one of his rococo porcelain figurines. Edmond wrote of caressing his Clodion statuette as if her stomach and neck had the touch of real skin'. The fetishistic concentration on the erotic potential of the object is implicit in much Art Nouveau.
Many Art Nouveau poster designers used a veiled but highly charged eroticism and none more successfully than Alphonse Mucha, who created images of woman that epitomized the sophisticated and decorative Art Nouveau woman. His posters commodifed women, making them the ultimate symbol of the modern consumer world. His strategy of combining women with products sold a lifestyle dream, just as lifestyle became an issue for a growing metropolitan middle class with a disposable income. Many designers used women to sell products. Gallen-Kallela's poster Bil-bol takes the eroticism of Art Nouveau advertising one step further. This advertisement for a car dealer makes the promise of sexual fulfillment explicit: in an adaptation of a traditional Finnish folk story, a naked woman is violently snatched and restrained. Sex is forcibly imposed in the Kallela poster, whereas Leo Putz's woman in Moderne Galerie seems to offer sex in a playful and surprisingly modern way. The idiom of Putz's woman is that of the Bond girl. Putz in fact produced explicit erotic material, as did a number of prominent Art Nouveau graphic artists such as Fritz Erier and Aubrey Beardsley. The fundamental subversiveness of eroticism, its disregard for conventional morality or social structures, was recognized as a destabilizing factor across the ideological spectrum. Both socialist International Modernism and conservative historicism ignored the exploration of sexuality, deliberately pushing it to the periphery of art and design debates. Functionality and technological progression came to signify modernity, dominating the new century's design agenda, while the unadulterated use of historical styles once more signalled stability. However, although absent from the male-dominated sphere of Bauhaus or Le Corbusian functionalism, the erotic could not entirely be eradicated. Its reappearance in Surrealism and Art Deco demonstrates the power of the erotic to explore, simultaneously, the body and mind." Source

a blinking box scares Boston

A guerrilla campaign is taken as a terrorist attack. BUT how can you think this character is actually dangerous?! Apparently all authorities in Boston did. And to make things worse they are charging two dudes with terrorist charges to save face in front of a gigantic public ridicule.
Charging the dudes will not change the fact that the panic caused by these devices is just out of proportion by totally off perceptions on danger.

"More than 10 blinking electronic devices planted at bridges and other spots in Boston threw a scare into the city Wednesday in what turned out to be a publicity campaign for a late-night cable cartoon. Most if not all of the devices depict a character giving the finger.

Highways, bridges and a section of the Charles River were shut down and bomb squads were sent in before authorities declared the devices were harmless.

"It's a hoax -- and it's not funny," said Gov. Deval Patrick, who said he'll speak to the state's attorney general "about what recourse we may have."

Turner Broadcasting, a division of Time Warner Inc. and parent of Cartoon Network, said the devices were part of a promotion for the TV show "Aqua Teen Hunger Force," a surreal series about a talking milkshake, a box of fries and a meatball.

"The packages in question are magnetic lights that pose no danger," Turner said in a statement, issued a few hours after reports of the first devices came in.

It said the devices have been in place for two to three weeks in 10 cities: Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Seattle, Portland, Ore., Austin, Texas, San Francisco and Philadelphia.

"We regret that they were mistakenly thought to pose any danger," the company said. "

The marketing company responsible for the campaign, Interference Inc., had no immediate comment. A woman who answered the phone at the New York-based firm's offices on Wednesday afternoon said the firm's CEO was out of town and would not be able to comment until Thursday." Source

"BOSTON, Feb 1 (Reuters) - Authorities charged two men on Thursday with planting battery-powered cartoon advertising signs that caused Boston's biggest security scare since the Sept. 11 attacks when they were mistaken for bombs.

Investigators were also probing the role of U.S. media group Turner Broadcasting, which has apologized for Wednesday's day-long security scare triggered by a "guerrilla" marketing campaign for one of its cartoon television shows. Berdovsky -- a Belarus native with flowing dreadlocks -- and Stevens mocked the process in an appearance with reporters, insisting on talking about hairstyles from the 1970s rather than addressing questions about the incident. "We are only taking questions on hair," Berdovsky said." Source

Saville reappropriates sign

Saville uses the content of this very popular sign to make a comment on designers work.
"The new issue of Creative Review contains a sticker specially designed for us by Peter Saville. The theme of the issue, guest edited by Mother, is selling out: part of that is a discussion of the degree to which those working in visual communications “prostitute” themselves.

Saville’s sticker, which is just under A4 size, was inspired by a sign that he spotted on a door in Meard Street in London’s Soho. The beautifully crafted plaque adorns the door of one of a row of Georgian houses on the street – rather like a traditional sign warning of hawkers, except this being Soho, its target is people looking for business of a different sort."

Black sheep & Prodigal sons

Beautiful website design, photo direction, and identity for this accessories collection.

Elise Øverland

"Elise Øverland may be a newcomer to the fashion week scene—her Milk Studios Penthouse installation goes up February 3—but she has friends in all the right places. Visionaire's Greg Foley is designing the set for what Øverland dubs her "dark but not Goth" collection; stylist Maryam Malakpour, long associated with the Rolling Stones, is working behind the seams; and Diego Garcia of Elefant is responsible for the music. Muses Aimee Mullins and Hope Atherton will be on hand to ensure that the people-watching isn't too shabby, either." source


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