New social club in NYC

A comment from an article in the NY times:"the Core Club, set to open its doors, for a few people anyway, in mid-September. "
"I see it more like a SOHO House," she said. "You know it's not really about if you're of a certain class. It's about interesting people."To assist members in this mission, club consultants or "curators" will filter through the cultural detritus of the day to recommend the best stuff to members.Lea Carpenter, a former publisher of The Paris Review, has been hired to curate the library; Yvonne Force Villareal, an art consultant and the wife of the artist Leo Villareal, will curate the art offerings. David Koh, a former film executive, will curate the movie library and so on. For the tens of thousands of dollars in fees, the elite membership is also promised access to galleys of coming books and screenings of not-yet-released movies - all the entree, in other words, of your average Entertainment Weekly intern.While traditional clubs serve to promote homogeneity and to preserve the social order by keeping new and different people away, the Core Club's pitch - and as a for-profit corporation, it has a pitch - is that it will serve as a place for a geographically and socially diverse set of wealthy people to gather and meet others of the same disparate tribe. As a result, its membership list resembles a kind of Noah's ark manifest of overachievers from various professional species."

Classism and colonialism recedes in front professional success (?)
Yeah, sure! If you give me $55.000 , I'll tell you how progressive you are.

My comment on such leisure activities of these "interesting" rich dudes, is that they think that only by paying they can compare them selves to intellectuals, artist and other "interesting people", when they are mere consumers of the work of others. Are they producing, in return, valuable matter? Are they even getting a profound experience? Do they want superficial interactions?
Is the consumption of cultural issues helping others than themselves?

I think that being a Museum patron or a "one artist" patron is more rewarding for all sides involved.

I would say the "interesting people club" is creating for them selves an illusion of cultural awareness: entertaining but superficial. A congregation of pseudo intellectual people that get bored easily, paying for sophisticated buffoons.
The question is: does the "new buffoon" make these "new kings", or the other way around?
If they would really interest in being part of trascendental social progress they should consider being witnesses also of the not flattering cultural reality: not only for entertaining purposes.
A real jester was able to pronounce what others would not dare to the king. The benefit was awareness, something elusive to people that isolate themselves with power or within the same group of people. Are those interactions from the new club meaningful for society at large? The level of ethics is still low if they think that they can acquire instantly the identity and awareness than others struggle to achieve -without that many curators by their side-.

Interesting topic anyhow.


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