Natural state of violence

Thomas Hobbes (leviathan) resonates in mi head while listening to the news of the collapse of "civility" in New Orleans. I believe is time for this U.S. system to develop a conscientious staged process for granting "the order of civilization", avoiding the "natural law" rule. It seems that they (current higher political power) takes for granted civilization as a condition intrinsic to geographical area, and the use of military power...They fail to see basic structures on different societies that maintain and legitimate order. It is a extremely complicated topic in deed. Hobbes gives at least one of the corner stones for understanding human behavior, chaos, and power legitimacy.
This fundamentals in political theory are grounded in the believe of a God (XVI century). Something that currently I find harmful for society in general and women specifically. But again everything needs to be read taking into consideration the valuable and ignoring the futile.


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