nobody on identity

nobody on identity, originally uploaded by Maria Horn.

An excellent scene from deadman, one of my all time favorite movies.

This is only a fragment, Nobody talks about his life marked by a lack of group identity,
excellent stuff.

"This film is generally regarded as being extremely well-researched in regard to Native American culture.[6]

Dead Man is also notable as one of the rather few films about Native Americans to be directed by a non-native and offer nuanced and considerate details of the individual differences between Native American tribes free of common stereotypes.[7] There are intentionally unsubtitled passages in the Cree and Blackfoot language exchanges in Dead Man, which were left untranslated for the exclusive understanding of members of those nations, including several in-jokes aimed at Native American viewers.[6]"

"Gary Farmer makes a cameo appearance as Nobody in Jim Jarmusch's subsequent film Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai, in which he repeats one of his signature lines of dialog, "Stupid fucking white man!""



Alexander Wang SS10

Catch this one!

RL ressesion style

Interesting approach to this collection; the vernacular of hard times Americana : very romantic.

The silhouettes are beautiful, the overkill of denim no so much.

Everyday Americana

3 price points of the same idea



"if one were to watch Fox News or listen to Rush Limbaugh -- as millions do -- one would believe that the burden of the ordinary American taxpayer, and the unfair plight of America's rich, is that their money is being stolen by the poorest and most powerless sectors of the society. An organization whose constituencies are often-unregistered inner-city minorities, the homeless and the dispossesed is depicted as though it's Goldman Sachs, Blackwater, and Haillburton combined, as though Washington officials are in thrall to those living in poverty rather than those who fund their campaigns. It's not the nice men in the suits doing the stealing but the very people, often minorities or illegal immigrants, with no political or financial power who nonetheless somehow dominate the government and get everything for themselves. The poorer and weaker one is, the more one is demonized in right-wing mythology as all-powerful receipients of ill-gotten gains; conversely, the stronger and more powerful one is, the more one is depicted as an oppressed and put-upon victim (that same dynamic applies to foreign affairs as well).

It's such an obvious falsehood -- so counter-intuitive and irrational -- yet it resonates due to powerful cultural manipulations. Most of all, what's so pernicious about all of this is that the same interests who are stealing, pillaging and wallowing in corruption are scapegoating the poorest and most vulnerable in order to ensure that the victims of their behavior are furious with everyone except for them."

Fragment of a superb article on Salon.com
The article here

Proenza Schouler bright lights

Interesting palette and juxtaposition of textures by Proenza Schouler.

I have not been very impressed by the NYC 2010 SS collections. To much of the same themes: either a hyperfeminine pastely boxy frumpy old lady shape that seems to sell very well, or totally Alexander Wangesque Americana rock nostalgia sometimes taken in to trailer trash sublimation... I do prefer the later.


capital strength


"Women now control $12 trillion of the overall $18.4 trillion in global consumer spending," and as a predicted 200 million additional females enter the global workforce over the next few years, that number's just going to get bigger"

Who wins when women buy? Everybody

It’s no secret that women have buying power. We already purchase roughly 85 percent of the goods and services in the United States, from clothes to cars. But that’s just been the warm-up.

According to the new book “Women Want More: How to Capture Your Share of the World’s Largest, Fastest-Growing Market” females are on the brink of an even bigger global economic revolution. As we maintain our spending power while gaining representation in the workforce and narrowing the income gap, we are, according to co-author Michael J. Silverstein, “the greatest single force for economic recovery.”

The book, by the Boston Marketing Group’s Silverstein and Kate Sayre, is essentially a guidebook for marketers, but the research that went into it is fascinating to anybody who ever spends money. How powerful are the female purse strings? The authors say that “women now control $12 trillion of the overall $18.4 trillion in global consumer spending.” And as a predicted 200 million additional females enter the global workforce over the next few years, that number is just going to get bigger.

So while we may still have to fight for our right to wear pants and keep our jobs while lactating, it’s easy to do the math on this one. When women have financial clout, our status not just as consumers but human beings on the planet rises.

An August study from Goldman Sachs on “The Power of the Purse” notes that women are “notably more likely to buy goods and services that improve the family’s welfare" (splurging on stuff like "higher-quality and protein-intensive food," healthcare and education), and that having more women in the workforce creates “a virtuous circle” of long-term overall financial growth. It also “underscores the importance of girls’ education and health, and strengthens the case for women to play a meaningful role in local and national politics.” And as Rana Foroohar and Susan H. Greenberg point out in this week’s Newsweek, with economic power comes a whole host of perks for everybody, from improved worldwide literacy rates to lowered population growth. Who said money can’t buy happiness? It just depends on who’s spending.


postapocalliptic Dunst

, originally uploaded by Maria Horn.

Shot for AnotherMagazine by Mario Sorrenti

The great Dries Van Noten


Very unique collection of coloration photography, click on the images to go to the collection.


Shoes, to rule them all

, originally uploaded by Maria Horn.

If you are into dominating high profile heads of state or everyday Orks, here are some options brought to you by GIAN MARCO LORENZI -right from the infinite depths of darknesssss.


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