Men in tights! fuck yeah!

I love tights! I have had tights across many different periods throughout my life...Breeches, tights, super slim pants, and I just adore them. You have to have some nice toned legs to wear tights properly.... otherwise you would look like a crazy taco. Anyway it seems that my favorite feminine/masculine style is coming so super strong into fashion, that many spring collections for males were inspired by Nurayev. Rock on my pretty male ballerina!
"Nureyev's signature peaked fishermen's caps and wool beanies were the crowning glories on a schizoid personal look that embodied his Rimbaud-Rambo ying-yang sides. He was just as inclined to dress like a stevedore who might have calluses on his calluses as he was to step out resembling a doyenne in Oriental robes and shawls. Fittingly, for a brawling balletomane who grew up in 1950's Russia having to wear his sisters' hand-me-downs, Nureyev became the mediagenic personification of jet-set-era androgyny, an agent for sexual and cultural change whom the dance critic Arlene Croce once dubbed "Gorbachev's advance man." ">> NYTIMES.


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