Crazy fuck to kill Vogue editor?

Once upon a time there was this crazy little perv that wanted to dominate all women , and when he could not he opted for offending and atacking them...now his is in jail for rape. (Peter Braunstein)
It seems that besides his commited crimes he had plans for getting even with other women he could not control. What is interesting is that as a fashion columnist the crazy idiot had VERRRRY FUNY opinions about fashion priestess Ana Wintour:

"When I was a media reporter, there were many high-profile editors, and God knows they had big egos, but you could still get them on the phone," Braunstein wrote in a section of the manifesto read to jurors by the defense last week.

"Remnick, Carter, Fuller, even Martha Stewart. But Wintour? She just never talked to peons like us," wrote Braunstein, a former fashion media critic for Women's Wear Daily.

"It was beneath her. And all the while I'm thinking, 'Who is this skank?' She plays up this aristocratic, Marie Antoinette 'Let them eat cake' routine, but, excuse me, can I get some proof that she holds a title of nobility that goes back to the 13th century? No. All she does is edit a magazine. That's it. So what's with the royalty routine? . . . I mean, for Christ's sake, the woman slept with Bob Marley, one of the most soulful people ever to walk the face of the earth. If that didn't spiritualize her, nothing would.

"Wintour will be escorted by eunuchs to a place in hell run entirely by large rats."

OH those crazy perves and their very unique sense of justice when it comes to fashion power.


sooo close

"Skelly and Apollo Applebee, the Greek restaurant chain heir, fell in love at Cedars-Sinai while both were recuperating from gastric bypass surgery. "I know he's dated Nicole, Paris, Mischa, and Cisco, but we have this intense connection," she says. "It's almost like he can see right through me!"


Old Spanish Guard

by face hunter


Grafitti artist turns sculptor

"boris hoppek was born in kreuztal, germany in 1970.
he wanted to study art but wasn’t accepted at art school.
in the early nineties he started to graffiti the streets and
his art has continued developing ever since.
his first bimbo doll appeared in 2002 and, thanks to an
advert from the german car manufacturer opel,
his audience multiplied incalculably overnight.
bimbo dolls are made by hand from a range of materials;
cloth, corduroy, rubber, fake leather, and they represent
the social issues of our time; some have male and some
have female genitalia. hoppek has exhibited over the past
years in galleries from barcelona to berlin.
the heliumcowboy artspace presented him in hamburg
already in october 2004 with his solo show ‘micky ficky jesus
and in december 2005 with the exhibition ‘egal!’." Source

Weird floating grey areas

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Maya Hayuk

"A veritable workaholic who at once possesses the expertise of an entrepreneur and the spontaneity of the works she makes, it is immediately obvious that she is much, much more: muralist, photographer, printmaker, designer, curator, player of records, writer, performer, collector, Barnstormer, painter, illustrator, videographer, documentarian, and on. There is something very classic rock punk folk rainbow peace freak out about Maya Hayuk that is very hard to put a finger on, but really it’s all about love. As if kindled by her distinguishing heart-shaped insignia signature, Hayuk’s disposition and practice eschew unpleasantries and welcome the irony and satire of real life." Via


Puppet love

Short film developed as Senior project at Supinfocom in honor to Jim Henson. Sus autores son Oury Atlan, Thibaut Berland y Damien Ferrie.




Animal Dignity

"In 1982, baby Hiasl was snatched from the wild in Sierra Leone, West Africa and illegally taken to Vienna, destined for AIDS and hepatitis research at a lab belonging to Immuno. However Hiasl and seven other chimps were seized by customs. He was then raised in a human family until he was 10 years old and later placed in a sanctuary which is now bankrupt. So he may end up in the vivisection laboratory after all.

Dr. Martin Balluch, of Austrian animal rights group VGT (Verein Gegen Tierfabriken),who has worked to bring the case, is now demanding a legal guardian for Hiasl who remains at the sanctuary with a female chimp from the original 1982 shipment. Dr. Balluch told ADI that although the judge has up to six months to reach a decision, he expects a decision to be made within the next few weeks.

As judges in Austria face a decision over whether a chimpanzee named Hiasl deserves a legal guardian and should be granted human rights as an ape, Animal Defenders international (ADI) supports experts in the case who argue for him being given ‘personhood’.

Jan Creamer, chief executive of ADI, commented: “The case which opened on the 20th February 2007 will have considerable implications if Hiasl is granted a legal guardian. It will be the first time the species barrier will have been crossed for legal ‘personhood’. Hiasl’s case shows that we as humans need to evaluate the relationship we have with the other primates and recognise that our exploitation and mistreatment of them cannot be justified.”

ADI’s ‘My Mate’s A Primate’ report was the first campaign of its kind to highlight how close chimpanzees are to humans with personalities and the ability to express emotions such as happiness, compassion, sadness, affection and anger. Their intelligence is borne out by the fact that they have been taught to communicate in human sign language.

Expert statements from primatologists and professors of law in the case argue that chimps can biologically be considered as humans, that they fulfil the necessary conditions for personhood and therefore in the eyes of the law should be considered a person deserving a legal guardian to safeguard their interests.

There is evidence of growing support for apes to be granted rights with the Balearic Parliament having already endorsed the idea and Spain promoting a similar parliamentary initiative to grant rights to great apes on the basis of their intelligence and emotional closeness to humans. New Zealand granted rights to apes in 1999, and the UK government banned experiments on Great Apes in 1997. " SOURCE


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