While living in Berlin in my very early twenties, I discovered that sex was a pastime for many people trying to stop boredom: some type of national hobby. These days I think it is a pastime not exclusive to a culture or an age...Even though some want to believe it is exclusive to a gender.

An essay by Peter Saville on pornography that link commercial art and sex.
...And yes, he is naive enough to think that pornography is a "male" motivated past time...like women are floating in ether and males are the ones living on "reality"....Whose reality? It seems that men escaped from the religious/cultural constructions the kept separated sex from entertainment, but women are supposed to stick to those constructions like some type of "natural" tendency. I would say that men might find themselves more addicted to the past time than women to restate their very "cultural freedom". Interesting essay anyhow.

"Most of our popular culture these days is based on familiarity. It's good business. Challenging is not good business."
This quote is what I consider A basic in the semiotics of globalization!

"I can say categorically that porn depraves and corrupts. Absolutely. Frequent exposure to pornography changes your sensibility about personal behavior.

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