Final test : past!

My interview/exam went pretty well. 20 minutes before the scheduled exam, I realized that my green card was somewhere out of my reach. I freaked out for 20 minutes....Then I decided that I had to go without that document and hope they will allow me to take the exam. I drove late to the apointment, like a mad foreign woman. Then I circled the same block for 10 minutes without realizing that I was looking for an imaginary different address than the immigration building. Here there was in front of me and I always thought that it was a new address (next building or something). I arrived , sat, and after 1 minute the officer called my name...The Officer asked many questions that I partially answered and then when not having the exact answer, ..Anyhow, that is what they require to give you the precious right to vote. I'll be sworn as citizen in a short while. WEE!


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