jihad by the infidels?

It is really funny to hear that a feminist wants to defend women rights within the boundries of islamic religion...is like trying to make gravity happen in cero gravity environments...

"Organisers of the first international congress on Islamic feminism are calling for a "gender jihad...
Organisers say they want more collaboration with western feminists but say non-Muslim feminists need to challenge their anti-Islamic stereotypes."

I guess they are trying to create a bridge between the "islamic world" and the "western world", but in reality any effort for promote femenist views within religion in western or eastern cultures is plainly futile...Most (I think all) religions opress in one way or the other, female nature. Female nature is, within all big religions, something to control and avoid, something evil, subhuman, twisted, non correct. Where as male nature is something to
prise and mostly to follow. I think religion (any religion) is a face on human social development that should be left as a bunch of fear on punishment (from the hand of a male god) mixed with faith on what it can not be explained, and of course all sort of social constructs to opress who rebels against the monopoly of faith based power. It is a power based on opression, ignorance, superstition, mediocrecy, with a veil of superficial mercy on others (mercy on who, I would ask).
In all cultures "infidels" are most of the time women....no wonder why...


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