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Promo video NZ Book Council


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editorial on the aging male supermodels. Hedi Slimane for Vogue Hommes International

wake up - mad season

I found the mad season album in my shelf while looking for a lost object,
this is music from the past, from when i was young, cocky and fearless... time has passed.

Now I'm young, kind of nice and fearless.

Great find.


Jessica Stam by Craig McDean

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Morse studio

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excellent branding work


Santa Sangre

One of the Masterpieces of South American cinema.
Santa Sangre is a 1989 Mexican-Italian surrealist cult film directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky and written by Claudio Argento, Roberto Leoni and Jodorowsky. It was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 1989 Cannes Film Festival.[1]

our small planet

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Global warming, This debate has been made superficial by a dangerous fraction, it is now a debate about form, about the skepticism towards any tangible proof of global warming, the cynics vs the believers on science. (?!)

But in the meantime the substance of this matter, the destruction of habitats by human activity, destruction that is perceived, not only through global warming, but also the destruction of ecosystems, the obliteration of animal and plant species, and the pollution of water and air is ignored in favor of what? some skeptics? the new direction this debate has taken thanks to the skeptics is not only egotistical but extremely dangerous for life in this small planet.

Cintia Dicker

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negative space

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promo material

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on photography, Sophie Calle

Barbie & Louboutin

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There are superfluous products and then there are flamboyant yet cute products:
Barbie with mini designer shoes for $150!


Slutty nun strikes back

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The theme of the nun revisited by Lara Stone, Vogue France December 2009, by C├ędric Buchet

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"even my dogs are online"



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our nature

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terminator seed

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Terminator Technology

There is a technology available suitably called the Terminator technology, which is designed to genetically switch off a plant's ability to germinate a second time; kill the plant after the first harvest.

What is the purpose of switching off seed germination?

Many believe it is purely a business idea by forcing farmers to buy a fresh supply of seeds each year -- many of whom are in the developing world and cannot afford to do this.

The traditional practice (tried and tested for thousands of years) of saving seeds for the next harvest comes under threat due to a US patent on this technology to prevent 'unauthorized seed-saving' by farmers. The patent gives EXCLUSIVE ownership to ONE corporation on the genetic code of THOUSANDS of seeds.

Supporters of the terminator, or suicide, technology believe that the idea of it is for the protection of corporations from unscrupulous farmers (yeah, right). Control of seed germination helps prevent growers from pirating their technology. If crops remain fertile, there is a chance that farmers could use any saved transgenic seed from a previous season. This would result in poorer profits for companies.

This then becomes a battle over a farmer's (traditional) right and a the multinational corporation's right.

This issue is the most immoral abuse of corporate power, and affects nations regardless of borders, please inform yourself about it.

What is the terminator seed?,

BBC info,

intrerview on corporate corruption

take action

Aurel Schmidt

Love her work, but i have to admit, the whole 'in crowd Olivier Zahm pet girl ' makes seeing her face (or butt) in celebrity blogs a shallow experience.

Let her work speak for her.

XMAS Blues



Hot Typographers!!

NeutraFace parody

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Le desespoir et ses acolytes

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the beautiful work of Camille Grosperrin.
Found in flickr.


Spike Jonze and the small creatures

Weezer video by Spike Jonze


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