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NYC punk

NYC looks interesting these days. A blasé homage to the big apple courtesy of Mr. Iggy.



The campaign for winter07 will remain in the collective consciousness for years to come. Excellent iconographic use of color and shape.


Al shaarani

Born on 6th of September 1952.
Student of the great Syrian calligrapher, Badawi Al Dirany.
Graduated in 1977 from the faculty of fine arts, Damascus University.
Worked as a calligrapher since 1967, then as a designer of books and various printed matters as well as a designer of typeface character.
Published booklets for teaching six kinds of Arabic calligraphy (Dar Aleef-Tunis).
Contributed a number of articles as an art critic, and others on Arab Islamic art.


Australian label that works more on men than women.

My blueberry nights

STARRING: Norah Jones, Jude Law, Rachel Weisz, Natalie Portman, David Strathairn
DIRECTOR: Kar Wai Wong


A backstage Flickr collection

Sometimes models BORE me...sometimes they amaze me. Here you have so you can either be bored or amazed.


Sexy Oskar

The Sartorialist came across this FANTASTIC individual in the streets of NYC. I have to diseminate the awesomeness that this woman is: A truly sartorial gender rebel!

Hot isn't she?

-From NY Mag.-

Tarplee, Muse

"I spend a lot of time getting dressed till I find something I love, and then I’ll wear it for days until it’s way too dirty to wear anymore."

By Amy Larocca

You’re really comfortable in front of the camera.
People stare at me wherever I go. I’m not sure if it’s the way I dress, the way I carry myself, or what, but I like to play with it. I see people watching me, taking my picture, and I can create a moment for them.

Is Oskar your real name?
My family disowned me about ten years ago because I’m gay. I’m from Georgia, so they’ve got that whole Bible Belt thing going on. So I came up with my own name, because it’s just like, Who’s Oskar? It’s nobody. I’m not on that whole kick of wanting to be a man. I want to be able to be a sexy woman who has masculine traits. That’s it.

Do lots of people take your picture?
A few years ago, I was homeless. So I was living on the streets, and Elite modeling agency found me in Union Square; some guy came up and asked if I could do a shoot in London the next week and I said yeah, and they sent me to take a shower because I smelled bad.

Do you still model?
They told me if I wanted to make money, I’d have to present myself as more of a feminine personality, and I was like, “Fuck that.”

So what do you do?
I’m a warrior of types, gathering awareness, searching for that, really. I’m basically a muse for people, and they give me information in exchange for hanging out.

So what is a typical day like for you?
I’m really just day by day. Like tonight, I’m performing at the Box. I pretend I’m fucking a corpse.

Do you spend a lot of time on your look?
I spend a lot of time getting dressed till I find something I love, and then I’ll wear it for days until it’s way too dirty to wear anymore. It’s fun getting dressed up.


Tough pants

Equestrian meets motocycle in Legerfeld Wax finish jeans!


Over shoe shoes

Interesting idea. But not for me. Bigger shoe sfor your shoes...MMM.
I like their website better.

Bela Lugosi's Dead

After concentrating on the sounds and leaving the face features of the lead singer behind you can appreciate the beauty of he most interesting Gothic Flavor: Bauhaus.
I recommend "third uncle" as one of the best songs ever.

Sharin Neshat

Semiology, Power and Art: My favorite meal. I love her work: gender, society and religion made by a defiant iranian woman.


Love and death

Best Woody Allen movie EVER!



Sandwish jump

While visiting the blog of Alec Soth -one of my fav. photographers -I came along with a contest he is running:

"Your assignment, if you choose to accept it:

1) Photograph a woman* eating a sandwich** while jumping*** onto a bed.
2) Post the picture**** here: http://flickr.com/groups/alecsoth/
3) I will award a prize to my favorite assignment."

Here is my fav. photo from the assigment:

Another day another brand

I got entangled in the whole "negative space" use... All the black surrounding the moving images, the croppings, the editing are more interesting to me than actually the video narrative or the clothes....As a designer this piece works for me in levels different than the clothes. (source)


I found a video from Sir John Hegarty (Brit. advertisement) talking about taste and marketing. After I watched many things seemed incredibly simplistic...


I have a background in law. From that educations I learnt that the desire for power (dominance in hierarchic structures) is something people "are born with", supposedly something natural (totally debatable). From this premise we can say that maybe taste -as a permanent struggle of understanding a set of codes that create dominance, granting us some power - is something we are born with. There are MANY different set of codes or taste as there is many elites.
The questions would be then:
-Who really has awareness and ownership on this search for "set of codes" called taste ? and -Who has better taste, the one that appeals to the most economically powerful or the one that appeals to the many
... It is a postmodern world after all.

Ladies and Gentlemen... Sharon Jones


HORST OldSchool

"In the history of twentieth-century fashion and portrait photography, Horst's contribution figures as one of the most artistically significant and long lasting, spanning as it did the sixty years between 1931 and 1991. During this period, his name became legendary as a one-word photographic byline, and his photographs came to be seen as synonymous with the creation of images of elegance, style and rarefied glamour.

Born on 14 August 1906, Horst Paul Albert Bohrmann was the second son of a prosperous middle class Protestant shop owner, Max Bohrmann and his wife, Klara Schoenbrodt.

The first pictures that carried a Horst credit line appeared in the December 1931 issue of French Vogue. It was a full-page advertisement showing a model in black velvet holding a Klytia scent bottle in one hand with the other hand raised elegantly above it... Horst's real breakthrough as a published fashion and portrait photographer was in the pages of British Vogue... starting with the 30 March 1932 issue showing three fashion studies and a full-page portrait of the daughter of Sir James Dunn, the art patron and supporter of Surrealism. "


Apache legend film by french

Gorgeous animation by a group of french students based on an Apache legend.
Click on the image to watch.
Flute by Vincent Molino from Radio Tarifa (one of my fav. musicians)



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