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My friend the artist Maddy Nye.

shiny steps


The cool Grandma Dagmar.

House of Dagmar is a label from Sweden that uses knits and wools in very contemporary way. I see very interesting contrasts and silhouetes: those arms in vinyl are so seductive in its subversive nature! The poliuratane coated leggings are else very sexy...Loving the cheeky approach to a demure look.


the pawa of peenus sista'

"all the powa' is commin' at ya"


Jil Sander (raf simons)

Prada and Jil Sander are the most interesting brands when it comes to collections based on color in my opinion. When foreseeing the resurgence of multi color in mainstream trends it is difficult to ignore how this two keep their game in a whole different level. Love the "off" shades of kitsch pinks in this Jil Sander collection.

"There's no doubt Raf Simons has made significant strides toward putting the credibility back into Jil Sander. He sees the project clearly and
clinically, rigorously realigning the brand with the purist, slightly Japanese-influenced values its founder brought to fashion." Source



Dreams of Flying by Jan von Holleben

Crossing the desert on the back of a dog, or searching for lost treasures on the bottom of the ocean. Jan von Holleben’s photographs allow children to make their dreams come true.

Jan brings the influences of his parents – a cinematographer and child therapist – to his work. His focus on the visual representation of childhood, 'Child-History' and concepts of 'Playing', come from his teacher training course and he combines these theories with his personal experience and childhood memories. Inspired by classic childhood books as well as modern superheroes, he produces ‘Dreams of Flying’ since 2002 with children from his local neighbourhood in South West Germany


Scarlett Johanson marble columns

Elegance New Jersey style.



In 1998 Phil Borges partnered with Amnesty International to create an exhibit and book celebrating the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Here are some of the people P. Borges photographed and interviewed. Some are experiencing their first contact with the outside world; some have survived exploitation and repression for years; some whose cultures have been decimated and are attempting a comeback—people trying to hold on to their cultural identities at the edge of the world.

Cirila was sorting seed potatoes with her grandchildren when we met. Although she doesn’t remember her age, she knows she was born in a potato field during the sowing season. She has cooked for her children and their families since the death of her husband twenty years ago. When I asked her about the hatchet hanging from her belt, she said that she uses it to collect firewood for family meals. Quechua


Transito (91), a legendary human rights figure, is often referred to as the “Rosa Parks of Ecuador.” After the Spanish conquest, many indigenous people were stripped of their rights and forced to serve as indentured servants in the hacienda system. In 1926, at the age of 17,Transito spoke out against a hacienda owner who had been molesting her. She was sent to jail for five months for protesting her abuse. Upon her release, she became a legend for speaking out about the plight of indigenous Ecuadorians. Later, she was instrumental in organizing a strike by indigenous farmers, which catalyzed a newfound respect for indigenous peoples in Ecuadorian politics and in society at large. Chibcha.


Botok and Tsangpa were classified as wealthy by the Communist authorities in 1962, because they owned almost 1,000 sheep and goats. Threatened with imprisonment, they fled across the border into the Indian state of Ladakh with their three daughters and Tsangpa's other husband - it is not uncommon for Tibetan women to take more than one. Tibetan



US band Battles. Produced by Warp Films


elites and masses

Rachel Zoe vs. Anna Wintour

In Sunday’s Times' mag, stylist and possible "raisin-faced" alien Rachel Zoe unwisely taunts Anna Wintour: "Anna Wintour is one of my heroes, but they say I'm more influential," the stylist tells Lynn Hirschberg. "As great as it is, Vogue won’t change a designer’s business. But if an unknown brand is worn by a certain person in a tabloid, it will be the biggest designer within a week.” Oh no, she didn’t. But she did! Source: NEW YORK mag.

I don't like either of these two. Fashion is about individuals not zombie followers, and these women are adored like goddesses by the many compliant fashion sheep. I have to say though... I love Nicole Ritchie style.

Claude Mause small collection

Cute clothes from a small design brand in the UK.

Pedestrian fashion

"Union Square Society
Farmers to artists, skaters to Mormons: the subsets of downtown’s playground."
" Who’s in charge of the park?
We maintain our own little hierarchy here. We keep it cool. And everything is done as diplomatically as possible. Some people call me the king.

As in, the King of Union Square?
Well, I’ve got the rock-and-roll swagger. No one else has got that. But people have different jobs. Some are the diplomats, some are the strong arms.

Which are you?
I’m kind of like the strong-armed diplomat. Not the king, but more of a duke."


Decasia: decaying images

One of my favorite films and art pieces. There is something so humane in decomposing memory, witnessing the destruction of the all that might be precious. This is all that the movie is about, the haunting horror of oblivion and death.. This is a short excerpt of the film that last 66 minutes. The music was composed -reacting to the images- by avant garde percussionist Michael Gordon .

Review from MOVIE GAZETTE: 'Decasia' is what might be called an archival work, gathering together nitrate-based black-and-white footage from various collections of old film, as though to ensure that these forgotten images remain fixed for generations to come - except that the filmstock itself has physically deteriorated, stained and melted, making this a document of decay itself, in all its beauty and terror.

Many of the images which director Bill Morrison has chosen are not just themselves decaying, but also actually depict variations on the process of decay - shimmering images of rocks being gradually eroded by the endless onset of waves, snowy distortions of a house burning down, and a woman receiving tanning treatment under lights (the blotchy film making her skin already appear scarred and cancerous). Moreover, the many figures who populate these images are now confined to the annals of anonymity, so that the chemical miasma which obscures them from clear view merely underscores their status as faded memories and celluloid phantoms. The visible disintegration of these people's exploits lends them a poetic air, whether it is one man's elegiac failure to woo a pretty young woman (who seems to wilt and age before our very eyes), or another man's epic shadowboxing against an unidentifiable column of ectoplasmic nitrate burn-out, emblematic of humanity's heroically futile resistance to the inevitable ravages of time.

'Decasia' carefully binds its message to its medium, showing the equal fragility and transience both of human endeavour and of the photographic material designed to commemorate it. It opens with an image of a spinning Sufi dancer, followed immediately by similarly spinning celluloid reels in a film lab. Later the same dancer is seen engulfed in a vortex of scratchy blemishes, and another pair of people dance wildly together on film so damaged that the image itself dances and heaves to its own rhythm. The image of filmreels being dipped into baths of nitrate is echoed by the sight of church converts being baptised in a lake - but the eerie solarised glow of the lakewater, indicative of the film's decomposition, belies the converts' hopes for eternal salvation. For 'Decasia' is not just a psychedelic feast for the eyes, but a cinematic memento mori, demonstrating graphically that nothing endures and everything is in flux - and that even the emulsion which can preserve an image is susceptible to history's entropic dance.

Morrison originally compiled his images to accompany a live performance of a symphony by Michael Gordon - making Gordon's music, with its discordant glissandi, driving rhythms and ominous fragility, a perfectly integrated soundtrack to Morrison's vision of degradation and metamorphosis.

Temporality has never seemed so timeless. source


the row

I will hate the image of the Olsons when hunting for this...but the row's clothes are just perfection. The little launching campaign via small video, has elements of massive voyeurism with loads of youthful naivite. The pants and the white turttle neck will haunt me....


Israeli Police Arrest a Homegrown Skinhead Gang

A neo-Nazi gang in Israel sounds, at first, like a nasty mistake. But experts say that eight young immigrants from the former Soviet Union may have stumbled over a mundane obstacle: integration.

The young men -- aged 16 to 21 -- were accused of brutal beatings of homosexuals, guest workers, drug addicts, homeless people and ultra-orthodox Jews. A video presented by police to the Israeli cabinet on Sunday documented some of the violence: It showed skinheads kicking victims to a bloody pulp and giving Nazi salutes. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert called it "violence for the sake of violence," and said, "I am sure that there is not a person in Israel who can remain indifferent to these scenes, which indicate that we, too, as a society have failed in the education of these youths."

My favorite american

" Cate is crowned queen of Venice

Such was the acting skill of Cate Blanchett in taking on the role of Bob Dylan in Todd Haynes's film I'm Not There that she stole the show on the final day of Venice, taking the best actress award and ensuring that she is everyone's hot tip to repeat the trick at next year's Oscars." Source



NY Spring2008 -some favs-

Jeremy Laing

Jason Wu


Photos from NEW YORK mag


Tokujin Joshioka design

Installation made with straws for Hermes. Amazing retail work.

Miranda July low tech design

Animals have souls

by Oleg Dou.

Bio "I was born in Moscow on 19th of August 1983.

My mother was a painter, and I was spending a lot of time among the artists, though I was not particulary interested in their activities.

I felt an urge for arts and creation some time ago, when I was working as a designer, which pushed me to study seriously the design. That's how I "bumped into" photography, and I had an idea to combine it with design.

Creation brings me an enormous pleasure, I became conscious of the fact that photography is something I always wanted to do. I am stubborn, ambitious and optimistic by nature, I like being different, and my work, I hope, reflects these features of my character"


college beat self promo

Fresh & witty design. The New College Beat is a small circulation, self-published work of minority interest made by Ryan Waller.



Experience Hedi Slimane while listening to Johny lee Hooker "Boogie Chillen"....greeat stuff.

Imperfect glam

If I was a jewel this is how I would look like!!

Iosselliani was born in Rome and created by designer Paolo Giacomelli. Paolo has extensive experience in jewelry design and has designed for brands such as Romeo Gigli, Missoni, Alma Couture and Fiiorucci since 1984. His men's collection debuted in 1999. The jewelry by Iosselliani is presented only in the most fashionable and exclusive stores around the world. Paolo likes to use a lot of silver which is his favorite material and his pieces exuberates his confidence. His jewelry tends to capture light with items such as: silver rings with crystals, or transparency of stainless steel mesh combined with sparkling silver. Using his creativity he produces the most beautiful and delicate collections in the world. His jewelry is known as being unique due to his attention to detail, material, and professional handcrafting.

AU-750-IOS was established in 2006 by Iosselliani with the goal of concentrating on 18k gold. Why the name AU-750-IOS? AUis the chemical symbol for aurum (gold), 750 is a number refering to pure gold, and IOS is short for Iosselliani.

comfort and hight

Is comfort to much too expect when it comes to heels? I like these....


Awarded by bubble bee.


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