the told truth

It is really amazing to compare the coverage of the Lebanon-Israeli war by the American media, and the European media. The saddest part of the lack of coverage by the American media is when the amount of resentment that is created towards the USA by Israeli offensive is hidden. No comments from Palestinian victims is aired. No coverage on the resentment in other parts from the region towards the USA...How can people on the USA care about the Israeli acts if the information given is so partial...?I still don't understand how hitting so hard the civil population can the Israelis eradicate terrorism. How terror can be suppressed with terror. How can you bring to a fundamentalist culture, centuries of ideology when offering destruction. That level of isolation between the punisher and the punished is not a way to create consensus of any sort. BBC news.


If you can think this is funny:cats that look like Hitler...



or not...at the Marc Jacob show.

brasil inspired

Site for a clothing label from Brasil. The music sellection is really interesting with the style of the collection.

An illustrator

James Jean. This guy is amazing! Not that many illustrators manage to create a world a thousand times more intriguing than this world we live in. I love the juxtaposition with the image below...


Helena, what a beautiful woman.
I'll try to have a daughter that looks like her...


Experimental design

There is a difference between corporate design or the design that most people thing as "design", and student design...The difference is rooted in the approach and the goals. Student design is self indulgent and is not market driven, therefore more interesting to me than the corporate whore produced design (wich I do during the day). I found this excellent site from Florence (22), from the helvetic republic. Have to adore her stuff, YES I DO! A link to her site clicking the image. To have a direct link, I uploaded on my server one of her crazy videos.


Happy hippie

I have always found hippies so romantic.
Devendra Benhart is a hip happy hippie that happens to have Venezuelan blood: even more reasons to find him so sweet and romantic. Besides, I have not seen that many people wearing a beard, black eye liner and a pink channel dress in a french magazine...so dreamy.

While vacationing in Bish Bash Falls , a state park in Massachusetts , Banhart and his girlfriend were quarreling about the Rolling Stones.

"The argument was about [the song] 'Street Fighting Man,'" he says. "And I'm like, 'That's bullshit. Mick Jagger wasn't fighting nobody.' And she was like, 'Well, how do you know? Maybe they just made it up.' And I was like, 'Well, I can make up a song about something!' And it turned out to be this little song ..."

Banhart proceeds to sing, limerick-style: "There once was a man who really loved salt/ So he tied his nose to the sea/ And then God came down from his silver throne/ And said, 'Honey, that water ain't free.'"

"That's when I realized I could write about anything I wanted," he adds casually. "It was like being constipated and then taking a suppository."


A magnific Chilean

In this image next the giant woman.ZERO by Maria Cornejo is one of my favorite clothing lines. Click the image for the 2006 fall collection .

Work in progress

The beggining of a study to set the direction in a branding campaign for a hotel in L.A. I have a a feeling for some heavy rock romantisism. The hardest thing to tackle: my boss.
I'll show progress later.

Rock on, NYC

What would be of summer with no rock?

shopping bag

A rope... and image. That simple and that great.
Bag designed for the retail chain YKM in Turkey.



Excelent motion work by version 2.
Click on the image to go their site and watch their montages.


Daily Show

For those that are not familiar with the daily show: Here is an excellent example in why this TV show has become one of the media outlets for the many many Americans that are opposed to the Idiotic Bush government. Jon Stewart (born Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz, November 28, 1962) is an American comedian, actor, author, and producer, best known as host of The Daily Show. The popularity of this late-night show has earned Stewart renown as "the most trusted name in fake news", and he has been called a "Walter Cronkite" for a younger generation. [1] He has also gained attention as an outspoken critic of established news media sources, the White House, Bill O'Reilly, Fox News Channel in general, and proponents of the Iraq War.

the american rebel

Awesome analysis by Chomsky on the
current Israeli attacks on Lebanon


Otem was an Israeli guy from Haifa I met 12 years ago. He was such a sweet guy besides his tanned skin, blue eyes and blonde curly hair... While being with him I met some of his pals, they where a little defensive, specially whenever I questioned their political position towards their palestine neighbors.Now days I'm pretty disappointed in how senseless the Israeli "defense" of their political cause is going. I only question the status of affairs, and how the ones with power fail to help the people that need help.How can you call defense smashing a country's peoples and infrastructure?. How can you control "rebels" if you create destruction and poverty? How can you expect the "enemy" not to become heroes in the face of total domination through disproportionate, and totally senseless obliteration?. What is the point of bombing cities, destroying economies, to then expect gratitude in return, for being such a force of humiliation. How can't you take your national pride seriously when others tell the world you are less valuable than others?....I'm not a middle eastern, I'm an American, and I think this military occupation (outside israeli borders) is just counterproductive for Israel and for the US... How can the powerful be so clumsy in failing to see that arrogance, cruelty, selfishness create perceived tyrannies? Bombs are not very civil. Ideology should be fought with logic, not with violence.
The image has a link to a blogger from the territories under attack.


Gourgeous animation that shows the many schools
of paint in the 20th century.

The no so secret castle

This is a club that probably has existed in different modalities in different places. Now there is a business wants to make this type of club "gatherings" luxurious, smart and international and they claim that prostitution is not in the menu. I think the idea is very "romantic" in a kinky way, so I guess it will become known to those with curiosity , but there is flaw for its growth in the long term. It is obviously targeting males above females. The activities are consensual, and is all about role playing. But it seems that the roles are so strongly determined beforehand that I wonder how many women will feel free to support with their money then their presense and attitude the gender biased game. It is not because females are not interested in acting such fantasies, but because they are asking women to enter in the "secret society" in a obedient, no questions asked, way. I guess that is the promise for the men: that will happen and they wont be prostitutes.
There is a dress code. It is extremely strict towards women and pretty loose towards man: besides it is expected for women to be pretty... It is Hilarious. They expect many women are going to PAY to PLAY when not being treated as equals...Totally missing gender perceptions of seduction, and power roles. How is that a woman, that is supposedly on top of her game will PAY a membership fee to go to a place where her part is already scripted? It will not make the place interesting at all for women. Women are seduced by giving them power, and assuring intellectual stimulation of some sort. I think is a very daring (if they were to target women) business/recreational project. BUT I think if is only male directed will end up like any other brothel, expensive and even dumb.
I think the whole thing would be really intresting in terms of marketing. Female sexuality is in deed difficult to exploit so directly if is in an instrumental way to others different than the female self. The game here is of course the ambiguity of who is in control, and when all that is pre-determined by the rules of this game, only a few will pay to play.




la verite- vive la fete

Another summer song homage:
(the image is perfect fit for the song and it is from FACEHUNTER)
Je te le jure tu as ma parole
je te dis la vérité
je t'explique ce qui c'est passé
dis moi je ne suis pas si conne
tu es comme moi comme moi
je te dis la vérité
j'en suis bien fachée

amour de ma vie ???
je te dis la vérité
je t'explique ce qui c'est passé
dis moi je ne suis pas si conne
tu es comme moi comme moi


Amazing work. I wonder how many hours are put into each one of the works.Beatiful stuff.

Hard to handle

While working very very very hard at CLT...I was listening to my summer music collection. There are songs that will never stop being perfect in summertime. While in Colombia I was a HUGE Black crows fan...And yeah B.C. were always in my escapades...so as a homage here are the lyrics of my ever fun love the lyrics of a great summer song...at least.

Baby here I am
Im the man on the scene
I can give you what you want
But you gotta come home with me

I have got some good old lovin
And I got some more in store
When I get through throwin it on you
You gotta come back for more

Boys and things that come by the dozen
That aint nothin but drugstore lovin
Hey little thing let me light your candle
cause mama Im sure hard to handle, now,
Gets around

Action speaks louder than words
And Im a man of great experience
I know youve got another man
But I can love you better than him

Take my hand dont be afraid
Im gonna prove every word I say
Im advertising love for free
So you can place your ad with me

Boys come along a dime by the dozen
That aint nothing but ten cent lovin
Hey little thing let me light your candle
cause mama Im sure hard to handle, now,
Gets around

I turn my camera on...

I was surfing when I found this gem: A girl that takes pictures of her self but this girl happens to be an awesome fashion art director of her own stuff. I love her photos.

(spoon playing in my head)

I turn my camera on
I cut my fingers on the way
The way I'm slippin away
I turn my feelings off
Y'made me untouchable for life
And you wasn't polite

When I turn my feelings on
I turn my feelings on inside
Feel like I'm gonna ignite
I saw them stars go off
I saw them stars go off at night
And they're looking alright


On pirates

This comments are accurate in describing the experience of the movie.-In one sentence: Johnny saved the whole thing- And the witch is AWESOME!

"It's often unclear what's going on, beyond a zillion dollars of splashy effects washing over the screen."

"Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow proves that an actor's awesome talent can make incredible special effects and funny action sequences pale in comparison."

"It's the triumphant rogue in Depp that keeps this pirate ship afloat and actually makes the third voyage (coming next summer) a trip worth booking."

"Calling a summer movie 'action-packed' is supposed to be a compliment, but there's nothing so tedious as nonstop excitement."


Maddy: ode to minnesota's summer

a set of images I took walking on the street with my friend on a very hot night.


Zidane's outburst; Materazzi's blame?

click the image

I love the drama these two created.
Of course they stoped playing soccer...
I think men are extremely emotional when they are exausted.
It is so ammusing to see the level of engement, if you aren't the target of the emotive punishment, of course. The funniest thing is that the italian has had similar encounters; dirty mouth?
Anyhow it seems some insulting allusions at Zidane's ethnicity was the cause...Where is Zidane version? This is the Italian version:

But last night Materazzi's agent Phil Smith revealed the Italian's version of what happened. He said it began when Materazzi grabbed the Frenchman's shirt, pinching his nipple. "If you want my shirt so much, then you can f...... have it after the game," Zidane supposedly said."I'd rather have the shirt off your woman," Materazzi responded, a reference to Zidane's wife Veronique. Ka-boom. The opposite version, according to lipreaders, goes that moments after he had grabbed Zidane's shirt Materazzi said: "Hold on, wait, that one's not for c.... like you." "We all know you are the son of a terrorist whore."

Then, just before the butt, he said: "So just f... off."

Italian newspapers claim that Zidane started the tit-for-tat insults by insulting Materazzi's mother, who died when he was young.

Zidane's sending-off continues to overshadow Italy's World Cup celebrations, with more than 400,000 Italians turning out to see their national team arrive home.

The big party was being held at Circus Maximus, an area for entertainment in ancient Rome, and the crowd is expected to grow rather than diminish in coming days.

The party will briefly numb the ongoing fallout from the match-fixing scandal that threatens the game in Italy.

Already eight players from the Italy squad will have to be traded or play in Serie B next year after their club, Juventus, formally accepted relegation as punishment for its involvement in the scandal.

France also returned to a warm homecoming, with French president Jacques Chirac receiving the team and clearly bearing no ill-will against Zidane for the moment of madness that contributed to France's loss.

The French eventually lost on penalties, with Zidane unable to take part in the penalty shootout because of his dismissal. "You are a virtuoso, a genius of world football," Chirac told him.

"You are also a man of heart and conviction. That is why France admires and loves you."

.I'm so curious about this version, and this other version

Cute cruel story

This is one of cute animation for the zoo of Buenos Aires. watch VIDEO


exquisite corpse?

Psst! Pass it on..
. is a series of short animated films created in collaboration by a select group of motion graphics artists from New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Berlin. Inspired by the Surrealist game of Exquisite Corpse and the children's game of Telephone, the minute-long films consist of three sections by three different design teams. The artists worked sequentially, linking up their animations to create a single piece over the course of about 9 weeks. The films feature a variety of styles and methods of production including live-action, stop-motion, 3d & 2d animation.

The Psst! Pass It On... project was created to promote the work of exceptional designers, directors, and animators in a non-competetive process that embodies a spirit of fun, collaboration and respect. We love motion graphics. We hope it shows.

Psst! Pass It On... was curated and conceived by Bran Dougherty-Johnson of Grow Design Work.


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