the viral and the spoof

Human achievements in technology are always amazing. In this case the amazement goes into cruel amusement, and end up being totally human ridicule. LOVE it.

DA Spoof



Bond = 4 + i

I'm part of a group of 5 designers that will become known to the public as part of the ICFF in NYC. The image is the project I developed for the event of the design week.

Partisan . Socio-Political Plaything
Designer: Maria Horn

Partisan is a trio of three-dimensional puzzles comprised of interlocking positive and negative pieces, representing, respectively, power, energy and religion. A player can explore and materialise various global issues through different assemblies and combinations of the puzzle elements. For example, the sum of all the positive pieces creates a dove of peace; the sum of all the negative pieces creates a weapon of war. This form of constructive play encourages users to engage and involve themselves in world issues in a non-confrontational manner.

"Bond., a new multi-disciplinary design studio will debut during ICFF at the Pomegranate Gallery in New York on May 17. The studio’s launch event, Bond., will feature an exhibition of provocative and conceptual work from director of design/founder Joe Doucet and projects from his team of international designers including Philip Attar (Philippines), Cressida Payavis (United States), Matthias Kaeding (Germany), David Yoon (Korea) and Maria Horn (Colombia). -That's me-

“Bond. is meant to be an ‘executional’ think tank,” says founder Joe Doucet. “We are a group of specialists with divergent backgrounds and diverse strengths who are united by the goal to utilise design as a transformative process. Design is more than a step towards creating an object; it is also a catalyst for change.”

In the exhibit, this philosophy is realised through the creation of a broad selection of products, ranging from furniture design to urban planning and from digital technology to clothing. Although each design is completely independent from the next, they are all united by the intention to shift focus away from the idea of consumption as a sole end purpose for a product and toward a transformative process initiated by the interaction of individual and object, client and consumer, participant and society."



La Battaglia!

I have been mystified by the style of Giovanna Battaglia for some years now. She is one of those characters that master a personal style becoming an asset in their careers. Not many people manage to get so much presence like she does.
Of course her exceptional height and weight makes part of the equation, but style is rare skill. You can find the whole article in April's French Vogue.


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