sandvika, Oslo, Lund simen, knut hansun, Grieg...
I loved those words some years ago... Now, I love this Viking aesthetic:
beautiful website


Mapping moods

This is one of the projects that I feel very confident about the design solution. The project was pretty dull, but I made it quite interesting only by following my instincts on how to bring attention to a subjet matter by using color and cuteness in very interesting ways. The content was made by many different elements that are involved in 4 months of work: feedback, input, output, dynamics, mood, time constrains...the whole picture.
So I mapped the information as a happy landscape: values and variables represented by nature abstractions.
I was able to give a design solution for a substancial problem. -The map measures 2 meters by 70 cms.-


Lazy lover by me and some 'Brazilian girls'

one song and one phone conversation were the idea behind this design. I executed 60 awesome screen prints! Talking about catharsis...


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