BARCODE design

Winner in cannes of the titanium lion for innovation
"Why Has the Barcode Never Changed?

This is the question the design team at Design Barcode asked itself when it set out to innovate a new way for companies to think about how their valuable product real estate gets used.

After endless study of Barcode technology standards, a process was invented that allowed a design element to be integrated into the barcode.

In 2005 Design Barcode was awarded the Good Design Award in the Communication Design Category, and has since created designed barcodes for major Japanese brands such as Suntory, Calbee, Wacoal and others.

Now, Design Barcode has partnered with PACARC, LLC, a leader in bringing the most innovative products from Japan to the United States. Together, we aim to make Design Barcode available to great brands across the United States."


Halliburton vs funny guerilla

It seems that Halliburton has some bussiness in insurance services.
Funny! Great guerilla campaign!

" At today's conference, Wolf and a colleague demonstrated three SurvivaBall mockups, and described how the units will sustainably protect managers from natural or cultural disturbances of any intensity or duration. The devices - looking like huge inflatable orbs - will include sophisticated communications systems, nutrient gathering capacities, onboard medical facilities, and a daunting defense infrastructure to ensure that the corporate mission will not go unfulfilled even when most human life is rendered impossible by catastrophes or the consequent epidemics and armed conflicts.

"It's essentially a gated community for one," said Wolf.

Dr. Northrop Goody, the head of Halliburton's Emergency Products Development Unit, showed diagrams and videos describing the SurvivaBall's many features. "Much as amoebas link up into slime molds when threatened, SurvivaBalls also fulfill a community function. After all, people need people," noted Goody as he showed an artist's rendition of numerous SurvivaBalls linking up to form a managerial aggregate with functional differentiation, metaphorically dancing through the streets of Houston, Texas."



Argentinians and futbol are good friends.
Wanna watch some sweet cocacola spots for the Argentinian market during the world cup?
Here they are: Thanks to LOLA.
Hope you get the fantastico español!

Ver anuncio Coca-Cola – Rivalidades. 6 Mb. Quicktime Ver en Youtube. (versión diferente)
Ver anuncio Coca-Cola – Murciélagos. 2 Mb. Quicktime. Ver en Vimeo.
Ver anuncio Coca-Cola – Microfans 3 Mb. Quicktime. Ver en Vimeo
ver anuncio Coca-Cola – Cubito de Hielo. 2Mb. Quicktime. Ver en Vimeo.
Ver anuncio Coca-Cola – Abuelo. 2 Mb. Quicktime. Ver en Vimeo.
Ver anuncio Coca-Cola – Electricista. 2 Mb. Quicktime.Ver en Vimeo.
Ver anuncio Coca-Cola – Calzoncillos de la Suerte. 2 Mb. Quicktime. Ver en Vimeo.
Ver anuncio Nissan – Toys. 6 Mb. Quicktime. Ver en Youtube.



Miguel bose- Brian Eno connection!

Brian Eno es el maestro! Miguel bose is one hot spanish dude! FRRRreaking hot! Anyhow....both were GLAM rockstars in their respective countries back in the British glam days. I can see now were did Bose found his inspiration. I really enjoy the "here comes the warm jets" album. He is one hot mutha! The awosome Brian Eno:


the very funny uzbeks

Super late news from this
side of the pond:

I like!!! sexy times!!!
and controversy


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