BOOK: REASON by Robert B. Reich

In his timely book, "
Reason: Why Liberals Will Win the Battle for America," Robert Reich calls the forces of darkness who have taken over America "Radcons." That's because the Bush breed of "conservatives" aren't conservatives in the traditional sense at all. They are radical ideologues who are committed to a Darwinian notion of the "reign of the rich" and unbridled corporate greed. Add a slathering of Victorian moral posturing, religious zealotry, and a view of rule by powerful elites.

From Robert B. Reich, passionate believer in American democracy and public servant,
Reason is a guide to confronting and derailing what he sees as the mounting threat to American liberty, prosperity, and security posed by the radical conservatives, Radcons as he calls them.

Reich offers a bold plan for defeating this politics of fear and favor. He provides clear answers to the barrage of accusations with which Radcons have been pummeling liberals. He analyzes the efficient Radcon political organization and their propoganda savvy, and lays out what liberals can learn from each.

Reich demonstrates how far the radical conservative agenda is from representing the national will, and explains how American liberalism can, and must, become once again ascendant in American politics.

I have lost my origin

I am leaving this harbour
Giving urban a farewell
Its habitants seem to keen on God
I cannot stomach their rights and wrongs

I have lost my origin
And I don't want to find it again
Whether sailing into nature's laws
And be held by ocean's paws

Wanderlust! relentlessly craving
Wanderlust! peel off the layers
Until we get to the core

Did I imagine it would be like this?
Was it something like this I wished for?
Or will I want more?

Lust for comfort
Suffocates the soul
Relentless restlessness
Liberates me (sets me free)

I feel at home
Whenever the unknown surrounds me
I receive its embrace
Aboard my floating house

Wanderlust! relentlessly craving
Wanderlust! peel off the layers
Until we get to the core

Did I imagine it would be like this?
Was it something like this I wished for?
Or will I want more?


Chris Benz

Lovely colors, pattern and texture. The shape of the shirt balances perfectly material and cut. The price is the only thing that seems, incorrect.


– a vibrant printed space dedicated to visual culture and editorial experimentation. Kilimanjaro’s aim is to generate an environment in which ideas reason with visual pleasure.

Contributors stem from different art diciplines including fashion, photography, illustration, fine art and collage.

Toys of mass destruction

LONDON, England (CNN) -- A Web site that encourages girls as young as seven to give virtual dolls breast implants and put them on crash diets has caused concern among parents and children's activists.

The provocatively named "Miss Bimbo" Web site launched in the UK last month and is described as a "virtual fashion game for girls."

Girls are encouraged to compete against each other to become the "hottest, coolest, most famous bimbo in the whole world."

When a girl signs up, they are given a naked virtual character to look after and pitted against other girls to earn "bimbo" dollars so they can dress her in sexy outfits and take her clubbing.

Sound off: What do you think about the "Miss Bimbo" Web site?

They are told "stop at nothing," even "meds or plastic surgery," to ensure their dolls win.
Users are given missions, including securing plastic surgery at the game's clinic to give their dolls bigger breasts, and they have to keep her at her target weight with diet pills, which cost 100 bimbo dollars.
Breast implants sell at 11,500 bimbo dollars and net the buyer 2,000 bimbo attitudes, making her more popular on the site. And bagging a billionaire boyfriend is the most desirable way to earn the all important "mula" or bimbo dollars.
Working, it seems, is a bit of a chore in bimbo world.



Fitna is a film by Dutch politician Geert Wilders, leader of the Party for Freedom (PVV) in the Dutch parliament. The movie offers his view on Islam and the Qur'an. The film's title comes from the Arabic word Fitna which is used to describe "disagreement and division among people", or a "test of faith in times of trial".[2]The movie was released on the Internet on 27 March 2008.

The sixteen minute movie shows a selection of Suras from the Koran, interspersed with partial newspaper clippings and media clips. No sources or dates for these clips are shown, except in the closing titles of the film. The movie is accompanied by music from the Peer Gynt suite by Edvard Grieg, specifically Aase's Death (Aase is the mother of Per in the play written by Henrik Ibsen).

Click on the image to watch the film
I can not accept ANY RELIGION! I have based this decision on my freedom as individual within a free society. For the same reason I would never support a belief that will not only enslave me for being a woman but also I would not accept a religion that will enslave me for being a human. I do not support Islam as I do no support ANY religion.


the wisedom of focus groups

As designer I had had to face the killing of GREAT ideas by focus group tests. The focus group feed back sees to bring new directions. Diluting the proposed design elements seems to offer more mass appeal, but the essence of the design gets reduced to a very harmless forgettable round lame residue of what once was great


LV hijacks Murakami again

Photo: Courtesy of the Brooklyn Museum

The Brooklyn Museum has finally confirmed it will host a pop-up Louis Vuitton shop to coincide with its Takashi Murakami exhibit starting next month. They've also put select items online to whet your appetite until the exhibit kicks off on April 4, like the super-adorable cushions and T-shirt above. But the real stars of the store will be the "monogramouflage" Vuitton handbags, which will sport a new monogram pattern created by Murakami. Images of the collection haven't been released, but we're kind of hoping the flower products online are a sneak preview. They could very well pop up in some form on the new Vuitton goods. Then again Marc Jacobs and Murakami could throw customers a curveball and cover the new bags in funny pink anime faces.

I believe Takashi Murakami is an amazing artist, that actually brings a timeless edgy dark cutesy world whit his superflat creatures. Marc Jacobs knows how to use (and abuse) popular artist borrowing from the transgression and beauty this artist have. Of course murakami agrees...but come on?! why do I have to be force fed LV?


I attended only a couple of fashion shows inn Feb and I was disgusted by the lack of humanity of the zombie creatures walking with clothes...whispers on heels.
I'm 5,4" and height 115 and I'm a size 2 and i'm considered skinny.
These women are 6' and weight 100 being size 0, that is just abnormal. When is skinny just to much?

From NY mag:

Is the age of the pale, nondescript waif model almost over? According to Anna Wintour's letter in the April shape issue of Vogue, it ought to be. She explains she chose Gisele Bündchen for the cover because she's remained "athletic and curvaceous (by the standards of the modeling business)." Wintour continues:
Wintour: "I wish I could say the same for the young women who were just on the runways at the New York fall collections. Overall, they were pale and thin, and entirely lacking in the joyfulness and charm that once defined the supermodel. This, of course, is not their fault: Designers now near-uniformly favor a non-vivacious, homogeneous ideal.



A new favorite. Love the constructivist
approach to an ideal state of fashion: a classic morphing urban silhouette for a strong personality.

Enciclopedia Pictura

Amazing designers, video directors and animators!! A take a la Barney / Lynch though the use of textures, moods and character dynamics, yet very digestible. Click on the image to watch their INCREDIBLE body of work.


trans ethno graphic

A nice transitional piece:

cocoon like three dimensional zippered front cardigan sweater. remarkable star and diamond black and blue knit design. v-neckline and angled hem.
100% cotton

Graphic images

prennent place dans les vitrines
Un dispositif de gélatines colorées bleu et rouge sur les vitres permet de voir tantôt le portrait mode, tantôt le portrait animal. Nous adaptons ce dispositif à l'échelle monumentale de la coupole du magasin. Pour cette installation,
le système optique des gélatines de couleur est remplacé par la projection
de lumières, - rouge et bleu - permettant le même jeu visuel à l'échelle
des images grand format 5 x 8 mètres. Nous dessinons aussi un motif pour habiller l'intérieur du magasin. des Galeries Lafayette, boulevard Hausmann.



This is like the best summer days outfit ever!
I love the distressed appearance.

From the new collection of sleep inspired ready-to-wear. in a medium weight, hand dyed cotton, this romper will be your go-to for effortless, instant outfit. deep v-front, open collar, with an extra long wrap belt, and outer flaps for depth and variation. gathered at the sleeves and legs. rear bucket pockets. handmade in the phillipines.100% cotton. individually dyed with natural pigments.


Genious:Theo Jansen


La Duchesse de Langeais


A very french version on all the pride and values love awakens.
Balzac's story of desire as the engagement to a possibility,
and the impossibility brought by pride and untruthfulness

Starring Jeanne Balibar, and Guillaume Depadieu

Antoinette is the Duchess of Langeais, a married coquette who frequents the most extravagant balls in 1820s Paris during the Restoration, when hypocrisy and vanity reign. From the moment of the handsome general Armand de Montriveau's first meeting with her, he realized it was true love. Flattered by his attentions, the alluring Antoinette orchestrates a calculating game of seduction, but she repeatedly refuses Montriveau. Despite his sincere romantic declarations, Montriveau's passion remains unfulfilled. When the humiliated Montriveau eventually seeks his revenge, Antoinette's love awakens. But it may well be too late for the star-crossed lovers. (IFC Films)"

Greta Garbo's 1947 version here


Ryan Michael Kelly

Tsumori Chisato

Campaign Direction by
Surface to Air

Real beauty take 2

Advertising Agency: Grupo Gallegos, USA
Creative Director: Favio Ucedo


Philippe Malouin

Philippe Malouin just graduated from the "living" department of the Design academy Eindhoven with his Grace table, the ballpoint stool and the dervish lamp. All designs are inspired by simple every day objects like balloons or pens.

Girls in Hawai

I'm very impressed by their talent: extremely sophisticated music melodies and arrangements, plus those fantastic textures only few groups elaborate...def.a new addition to my music library. Both this group and Vive La Fete are remarkable music talent from Belgium.




this cute piece from Kiki De Montparnasse makes me wonder why don't we all girls go out in underwear... It sooo sexy and sooo comfy. Perfect outfit for those pillow fights in the park.

Foam Life

I came across this fantastic piece of fiction made out in a blog format. Click on the image to see it.


gen italia

In a landmark judgement with far-reaching social implications, Italy's highest appeals court has ruled it is a criminal offence for Italian men to touch their genitals in public.

The judges of the court of cassation stressed that the ban did not just apply to brazen crotch-scratching, but also to what might be termed superstitious pre-emption. (HAHA)

Anyone who has seen a hearse go past in Italy, or been part of a discussion in which some terrible illness or disaster is mentioned, will know it is traditional for men to ward off bad luck with a quick grab at what are delicately called their "attributi".

The practice has become increasingly frowned on, but "io mi tocco i … ", which translates as "I touch my … " is still a common phrase, roughly equivalent to "fingers crossed". The judges helpfully suggested that those seeking reassurance should wait till they had returned to the privacy of their own homes before letting their hands stray trouser-wards.

The court was ruling on the appeal of an unnamed 42-year-old workman from Como near Milan. In May 2006, he was convicted of indecent behaviour for "ostentatiously touching his genitals through his clothing". His lawyer said it was merely a "compulsive, involuntarily movement, probably to adjust his overalls".

The third penal division of the Rome court was having none of it. It said that public genital-patting "has to be regarded as an act contrary to public decency, a concept including that nexus of socio-ethical behavioural rules requiring everyone to abstain from conduct potentially offensive to collectively-held feelings of decorum".

The judges said such actions risked generating "awkwardness, disgust and disapproval in the average man", unexpectedly perhaps failing to mention the average woman.

The workman was ordered to pay a €200 fine and €1000 costs.


going smaller

After carring half of my weight in a pair of big bags, I've decided to buy a smaller bag.


Radio Tarifa:Algerian, Spanish, Roman music tradition. The lyrics are Spanish sung in Flamenco style. They bring coolness to folk genre while being totally inmerse in the roots of southern Europe and north Africa.


David Lynch 2 short films

His work is the closest I can get to my nightmares; therefore I feel both repulsed and mystified by his visual vicerality. Here they are; to demential nothings:

Six men getting sick

ALMA, The new yorker

She calls you:

a cocksucker

a punk motherfucker

a fake-ass Dominican.

She claims:

you have a little penis

no penis

and worst of all that you like curried pussy.

(Which really is unfair, you try to say, since Laxmi is technically from Guyana, but Alma isn’t listening.)

Instead of lowering your head and copping to it like a man, you pick up the journal as one might hold a baby’s beshatted diaper, as one might pinch a recently be-nutted condom. You glance at the offending passages. Then you look at her and smile a smile your dissembling face will remember until the day you die. Baby, you say, baby, this is part of my novel.

This is how you lose her. ♦



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