BOOK: REASON by Robert B. Reich

In his timely book, "
Reason: Why Liberals Will Win the Battle for America," Robert Reich calls the forces of darkness who have taken over America "Radcons." That's because the Bush breed of "conservatives" aren't conservatives in the traditional sense at all. They are radical ideologues who are committed to a Darwinian notion of the "reign of the rich" and unbridled corporate greed. Add a slathering of Victorian moral posturing, religious zealotry, and a view of rule by powerful elites.

From Robert B. Reich, passionate believer in American democracy and public servant,
Reason is a guide to confronting and derailing what he sees as the mounting threat to American liberty, prosperity, and security posed by the radical conservatives, Radcons as he calls them.

Reich offers a bold plan for defeating this politics of fear and favor. He provides clear answers to the barrage of accusations with which Radcons have been pummeling liberals. He analyzes the efficient Radcon political organization and their propoganda savvy, and lays out what liberals can learn from each.

Reich demonstrates how far the radical conservative agenda is from representing the national will, and explains how American liberalism can, and must, become once again ascendant in American politics.


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