LV hijacks Murakami again

Photo: Courtesy of the Brooklyn Museum

The Brooklyn Museum has finally confirmed it will host a pop-up Louis Vuitton shop to coincide with its Takashi Murakami exhibit starting next month. They've also put select items online to whet your appetite until the exhibit kicks off on April 4, like the super-adorable cushions and T-shirt above. But the real stars of the store will be the "monogramouflage" Vuitton handbags, which will sport a new monogram pattern created by Murakami. Images of the collection haven't been released, but we're kind of hoping the flower products online are a sneak preview. They could very well pop up in some form on the new Vuitton goods. Then again Marc Jacobs and Murakami could throw customers a curveball and cover the new bags in funny pink anime faces.

I believe Takashi Murakami is an amazing artist, that actually brings a timeless edgy dark cutesy world whit his superflat creatures. Marc Jacobs knows how to use (and abuse) popular artist borrowing from the transgression and beauty this artist have. Of course murakami agrees...but come on?! why do I have to be force fed LV?


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