sex and power

There are some stories that represent all the many things about cultures that you perceive but quite can't shortly tell without the story. I found one of those stories on the cultural approach of French soccer commentators to a game in terms of gender roles. Here is the very particular comment made by an American that lives in Paris:

"...This is the first time I’ve watched a world sporting event in France and I am pleased to report that their crap commentary is just as crap if not crapper than American crap commentary. With one large, beefy Freudian difference: French crap commentary has…Sex.

During yesterday’s Czech-Italy match I jotted down some of the highlights:

“L’équipe tchèque est séduisante.”
The Czech team is seductive.

“Ils subissent trop, les Italiens.”
The Italians are being too submissive.

Half time

“L’équipe tchèque n’est pas très romantique.”
The Czechs are not very romantic.

“Les Italiens préfèrent se faire dominer.”
The Italians prefer to be dominated."


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