Controversial work

"Following her enormously successful series 'Monkey Portraits', which debuted in October 2004, Jill Greenberg’s new work takes a more serious turn and has already hit a national nerve . "End Times" combines beautiful, poignant imagery, impeccably executed, with both political and personal relevance. Greenberg’s subject is taboo: children in pain. She utilizes this uncomfortable image as a way to break through to the pop mainstream and begin a national dialogue. Jill Greenberg's images are sharp and saturated, stunning and quirky; her work is soaked with realism and imagination."

This is a photo series that now is being titled as pure cruelty. I think the reaction is overwhelming and in that sense the message is confusing, not for that I think is bad work...Maybe not a thing to repeat. Really interesting but kind of disconnected with the real motif behind it. I recommend reading the press release on the site.


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