What's stronger: Jaws or brains?

A woman gets eaten by sharks. That is a sad story for humans in deed, specially for the deceased's "church group". Now, how is that after the shark attack, trying to find the "guilty" sharks, killing them and trying to find pieces of the woman is going to change the fact that sharks are carnivorous animals? The shark community will be happy to take a few out of the water, more food for the other sharks! That solution is just senseless! How is that taking the life of some sharks is going to help humans to become more respectful towards animal territory or animal instinct. Call me a "shark huger" but I think the efforts of finding predators after they do what they do to very inopportune humans wondering, swimming , hunting in their territory is just futile, and completely out of the scope of the real solution: don't swim where there are sharks!
Or get a strong cage!


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