The dragon and the little cricket

Microsoft "unplugged" a website from the world wide web, only because the government of China asked to censor a Chinese user....Interesting news, where Chinese laws (censorship) and Mutinational interest get mixed. Microsoft being an American (supposedly free) enterprise has to obey Chinese censorship logic because of the fear of losing the Chinese market...A favor from Microsoft to the not very open Chinese government. Crazy!

Michael Anti, also known as Zhao Jing, a researcher for The New York Times, wrote the Beijing-based blog, which featured coverage of subjects such as a string of cat murders in Shanghai that attracted the attention of the outside press. The blog was deleted New Year’s Eve."
Former CNN correspondent Rebecca MacKinnon revealed in a posting on her own blog on Tuesday that Microsoft had removed the blog. She pointed out that Mr. Anti had recently covered a walkout called by journalists at the Beijing Daily News after several editors there were fired for writing about recent accounts of police shootings of protestors."


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