Guilt therefore drama

Herein the social being and sex after a Woody Allen experience.
I saw today "match point" the latest Woody Allen Movie. Woody Allen is pretty good in defying and exposing conventionality through his movies. I liked the movie. A little extreme... I think the end is way to dramatic...Probably to make a point about luck and fairness, and how far can those be from moral ideals. But really really creepy scenarios if one considers how many people fall in the hands of lust. Morality is tricky when lies give appearance of control. When a person becomes instrumental to other, dynamics are then only means to gain control. Lust exist no mater social conventions. I would dare to say that lust is only based on prohibition of those same conventions: the allure of the illicit: the borderline of darkness. How much people are willing to take desire as a test to all that they are? A test of how free they can be from the rule of "the others"? From getting all without giving anything?


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