War, money, and religion

I read this morning some news about Iran and Iraq confronting each other close to some geographic point that has always been cause for disputes. It seems that Iraq has fallen into the state of limbo that creates conditions for Iran to take over those regions. I guess the latest nuclear developments in Iran is a reason for many to fear: specifically any efforts in making Iraq wholesome. I foresee this situation as the next war...I'm so sorry that the Arabic region is maintained through the cohesion of a system of belief so strong and absurd as (any) religion and the power of the arms. It seems to me that those countries are still governed like many regions in my home country: Colombia. The power of oil (in Colombia's case: cocaine) plus the power of violence gives "legitimacy" to some sort of crooked "democracy". At least in Colombia women have way more freedoms than women in the Arabic/Persian region. Religion plays a huge role in making people be submissive to abusive power,without any challenge. South America is very religious but not to the point of choosing a self imposed exclusion from the rest of the world,human freedoms, or the capitalist establishment. Still religion makes people behave abandoning life to a superior being...Not taking reponsability of their lives or other's lives. That is a crucial element of poverty and underdevelopment in many countries. That and the institutionalizing of exclusion of people from a competitive level of education locally and internationally.

Anyhow...Whether the news are a fact or not the reference to the past makes a strong precedent for future "incidents".War in the Persian land is getting closer.


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