art, peace at the top

I guess if one has made millions, it only makes sense that the next thing to do is to find peace by giving others a little tea...

"In New York, a Frenchman has taken tea to another level: he practices the tea ceremony in a wooden hut and Japanese garden he designed and built on the rooftop of his Manhattan townhouse. What's more, Pierre Sernet takes his act on the road, using an open-air, cube-shaped teahouse he designed. Sernet is a banker-turned-performance artist, and he performs the ancient Japanese tea ceremony in exotic locations and spreads a message of acceptance and peace in the process.

He calls his act, "Guerilla Tea."
He has brewed and served tea in places ranging from the Thar Desert in India to the Great Wall in China to Niteroi, Brazil. He sets up his portable teahouse and invites local strangers to share a cup of tea and a tranquil moment."


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