broken flowers

Antonia, I lost your comments while editing.

I watched "broken flowers" with Don -as in Don Juan- Bill Murray yesterday, pretty amazing movie. Some people's life consists of deciphering their own life in almost solitude.
For others life consists of being able to find (and to loose) as many individuals that might work as his or hers mirrors: tools for an ego, a never ending hunt…the whole playboy spiel. Ein spiel, ganz genau!
The pace of the movie was great. It values contemplation of details more than other movies...similar to what happens in "dead man" with Johnny Deep; almost spiritual, or at least a comment on mortality and awareness.

Additionally, the director (Jim Jarmusch) made some poignant criticism to American architecture and landscape, only by showing pretty realistic settings. But I'm biased against American architecture (the lack of it).... AWESOME film: factual criticism…the good type.

I'm hungry, I'll be back latter on.


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