Another day, another dollar...

Summer goes slowly, very slowly.
I'm almost done with the cover design for the Water~Stone project. I'm still a pupil, so I can have the time to meditate on small changes (very small changes). It is not a preference, it just happens. The proofing process of the book is taking longer than anybody expected, so I'll have to perform efficiently once the editor is done with the 2d proofing. I'm talking here about the content (300 pages) of literature. And yes there is a third proofing! I'm OK with proofing forever... But there are deadlines to print. Weee! Yes, printing deadlines mark the time line of design: the hectic crazy days.
Proofing is kind of tortuous, if you ask me. But as Pamela (boss) says, "welcome to the editorial world". The concept: Light Keepers, butterflies, and childhood. A half cover device (with a collage that conveys the idea of fiction against reality) covering half of the cover. That half cover can be removed and used as a bookmark.

Design: Me with the constrains of my boss.

Photo : Ukraine, Karolina Karlic


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