RANT: no more freckles force feeding

I do not apreciate NewYorkMag force feeding the masses Lindsay Lohan; it's so damn annoying! Why do we have to eat LiLo for breakfast lunch and dinner? This entretainment media business nonesense is the worse this country has (besides republicans), and now NYM join the forces of empty; feeding us the cheapest food to keep minds full of TITS ! This little girl seems to be the most self centered semi-actress out there, pushing her fake tan mixed with freckles to every media outlet; HOW DESPERATE? Doesn't she have enough...she does not give to much to then ask for all that recognition. Women have transcended the whole Marilyn Monroe bimbo idol, and we are supposed to adore the fact that she is trying to perpetuate this chicken-woman lifestyle? Like there is a lack of magazines that show naked women, to now bring it to a bigger audience by force... EEW, totally status quo thanks to this mag.


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