Hey Girl!

I have never been a fan of cultural celebrations, specially when it comes to create a sensed of romantic frustrations and demands... I wanted to do something worth my expectations this year. Its was one of the best valentine celebrations ever for me. I decided to take my husband to a theater preformance, and immerse my self in the intense experience that I knew Romeo Castellucci theater has to offer. Not disappointing at all, in fact, it was one of those pieces that expand on very interesting themes to me, like womanhood, romance and justice in a sort of ever evolving fight. All components of the piece makes this an unforgetable enriching experience. Hey girl is a visceral narration on what is to be a human -being woman-, violence and resistance is all part of the equation. Some scenes are so "Kim Gordon" type of warrior embodied by a young woman, that once is dressed to fight drops the sword and the cape saying "I hate this medieval shit"...
Where are we girls? How far are we in becoming what we are?

Happy valentine!

"To Castellucci, performances don't need a unified message or a political program, and in his opinion, recent European theater has been overly programmatic. "In Europe, there is almost a pedagogical expectation in theater. American audiences are more open to experiment, to letting a piece just make them feel," he says.

Much is made of Castellucci's latest effort as a meditation on femininity. It is that, but much more. A musing on the seductive peril of symbols, a rich visual tapestry -- but more than anything, he says, this is meant to be the portrait of a real person.

And the artist is in there, too. Castellucci quotes Flaubert: "'Madame Bovary, c'est moi.' -- and Hey Girl, it's me.""


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