MOLO design

paper softwall expands to form a beautiful, freestanding wall that can be arranged into almost any shape, or easily compressed into a compact sheaf and stored away. paper softwall is made entirely of a lightweight tissue paper, granting it an airy, delicate beauty, yet it has surprising resilience. It is the honeycomb geometry of the softwall structure that gives it strength and allows an impressive use of a very modest amount of material. Like the textile version, paper softwall is bounded by thick wool felt ends, which fold to create handles when the wall is open, and form a protective cover when the wall is compressed.

In 2003 Forsythe + MacAllen were selected for the Architecture League of New York's, Young Architects Forum, and they were further awarded The Ron J. Thom Award from the Canada Council for the Arts. They also won the Golden prize in the Design Beyond East and West housing competition held by Hanssem of Korea, and First Prize in the LighTouch competition for an interactive lighting design, held by Design Singapore and sponsored by FLOS of Italy. Most recently, they were selected with four other winning entries for the First Step Housing Competition in New York.


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