Haut misogyny

This is the F/W 2006 ads for Dolce & Gabanna. They are trying to go for a shock effect, but it feels so simplistic...Are they thinking that their customers are simple minded bimbos, that will find this public objectification elegant? This does not have to do with a woman being capable of enjoying sex or being kinky. This has to do with women subjection. This is not about group sex...this is about power. Hers? some might say that she is the one with the power here... The "brains" for this campaign are assuming that maybe D&G costumers are into public statements of gender submission...and that submission is actually a manifestation of power. Totally missing that accepting submission socially is the least sexy than a woman can think of. The ambiguity is in the qualities of the men in the image: greased boy toys for her (?). Haut misogyny perhaps... in my opinion a total faux pas!


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