Lusting reality

Somebody said that Terry Richardson stole Larry Clark's approach to photo work. I think in fact Larry Clark deals with very different subject matters than Terry does. What they might share is a common aesthetic on what I call "low brow" documentary aesthetics with"realistic" sensibilities. This type of aesthetic elements has been developing for a while now as a reflection of the times. This zeitgeist of the
"raw" is a commun denominator between Clark's work, Richardson and Jurgen Teller (and many many more). For that the spirit of the times is a shared space in time rather than a registered product. All these images share elements such as very high contrast, vivid use of value and color, and very explicit hardcore scenes. But what else is this than the achievement of frozen images that spell "veracity" and "honesty" : the documentation of humanity in contemporary terms, individuality that is set by media example: fame, fashion and lust...Consumption of intimate inmortal ideas by public shaped mortals. This photographers share a capability of engaging viewers in their exploration of private selves...But all do this in different settings and presenting different human states. The images above are Larry Clarck's. The images below are by Jurgen Teller.


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