New Legend

Amazing MUSIC by Dax Riggs!
Riggs has a bast array of haunting blues like melodies though... This video is an example of his hardcore edge, displaying the energy of this man...but he has a deep soulful sound; definitely a new classic.

" Deadboy & the Elephantmen was a Houma, Louisiana based indie rock band fronted by Dax Riggs, the primary songwriter, vocalist, and instrumentalist. Their music is difficult to classify, though influences from alternative rock, goth rock, blues-rock, grunge, and post-punk are audible. In its most popular incarnation, the band was made up of Riggs and Tessie Brunet, and signed a three-record deal with Fat Possum Records in 2005. For the latter part of 2005 and most of 2006 they were on the road touring, but near the end of 2006 Brunet left the band for undisclosed reasons. The band announced its official end on April 16, 2007.

Riggs played guitar and handled lead vocals. Brunet played drums and sang backup. Deadboy marked her first time playing in a band."


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