The Dupre affair

Ashlee Dupree, infamous call girl, made a splashing public display of her assets last week, when being photographed as she was hotel hopping, boutique shopping with a married men. Her public persona has grown to the point of creating interest in the very few things that make all this "pretty" or even "safe". She is even being offered a 2 million dollar contract for a reality show.

I do not judge her career choices, but I do find extremely interesting that she would totally pass as any other trophy wife when it comes to fashion. -perhaps, making her an equal in materialistic terms-

In fact she has a very typical NewYorker sensibility for "sexy"...
-In my opinion equally trampy-
In these images there is a comparison of the wife of the married men (
TJ EARLE) and Dupre. Who will win the war of skin showing heeled angst, mares in full display of attributes.
This affair seems to be in its early stages and I'm enjoying the fashion statements/war with the "respectable" women in here social scope of action. If it wasn't for the flashy humorous fashion, all this would be just ugly.



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