Lost in oriental space

Interview with Bernhard Willhelm—a German, in the midst of orientalis maximus not understood in other blog. The woman in the black skirt said "Comme des Garcons" but it feels totally like Willhelm.

"I'd bet most successful people are driven by that fear of laziness. I read that Bill Clinton could schmooze for twenty hours straight, but left alone in his office he'd literally do nothing and fall into a depression. There's only success or failure to you?

Definitely. That's what it's about, I guess, because a person is in many dark places when he's alone. Sometimes I don't like anything, when everything is bad. I'm quite chaotic, but with a team I'm forced to come to a point everyday. It's impossible otherwise.

Since you've just come back from Japan, you can answer this for me. Why are all the best designers big in Japan?

The Japanese have two stages in life, a sort of extended teenager one and later, when they have to work. What I'm doing is for the young people. They want to go crazy. They're freer in spirit, more into what the clothes are about and not so bothered about status symbols. The Japanese are very supportive of young designers. The mindset is all about wearing something first."


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