2x4 goes subversive

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This was a reaction from the studio 2x4 in NYC when receiving the national design award from the Copper Hewitt.

From the Washington Post:

A protest by design leading to a war of words

Tuesday, July 18, 2006; Page C03

A handful of designers snubbed Laura Bush last week when she hosted a breakfast for the winners of the National Design Awards. Five honorees in the graphic design category skipped the July 10 gathering and sent the first lady a letter saying they were "compelled to respectfully decline." Their beef? Good design means "words and images must be used responsibly, especially when the matters articulated are of vital importance to the life of our nation" -- and they felt the Bush administration had "seriously harmed" political discourse.

"Dear Mrs. Bush:

As American designers, we strongly believe our government should support the design profession and applaud the White House sponsorship of the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum. And as finalists and recipients of the National Design Award in Communication Design we are deeply honored to be selected for this recognition. However, we find ourselves compelled to respectfully decline your invitation to visit the White House on July 10th.

Graphic designers are intimately engaged in the construction of language, both visual and verbal. And while our work often dissects, rearranges, rethinks, questions and plays with language, it is our fundamental belief, and a central tenet of "good" design, that words and images must be used responsibly, especially when the matters articulated are of vital importance to the life of our nation.

We understand that politics often involves high rhetoric and the shading of language for political ends. However it is our belief that the current administration of George W. Bush has used the mass communication of words and images in ways that have seriously harmed the political discourse in America. We therefore feel it would be inconsistent with those values previously stated to accept an award celebrating language and communication, from a representative of an administration that has engaged in a prolonged assault on meaning.

While we have diverse political beliefs, we are united in our rejection of these policies. Through the wide-scale distortion of words (from "Healthy Forests" to "Mission Accomplished") and both the manipulation of media (the photo op) and its suppression (the hidden war casualties), the Bush administration has demonstrated disdain for the responsible use of mass media, language and the intelligence of the American people."


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