The no so secret castle

This is a club that probably has existed in different modalities in different places. Now there is a business wants to make this type of club "gatherings" luxurious, smart and international and they claim that prostitution is not in the menu. I think the idea is very "romantic" in a kinky way, so I guess it will become known to those with curiosity , but there is flaw for its growth in the long term. It is obviously targeting males above females. The activities are consensual, and is all about role playing. But it seems that the roles are so strongly determined beforehand that I wonder how many women will feel free to support with their money then their presense and attitude the gender biased game. It is not because females are not interested in acting such fantasies, but because they are asking women to enter in the "secret society" in a obedient, no questions asked, way. I guess that is the promise for the men: that will happen and they wont be prostitutes.
There is a dress code. It is extremely strict towards women and pretty loose towards man: besides it is expected for women to be pretty... It is Hilarious. They expect many women are going to PAY to PLAY when not being treated as equals...Totally missing gender perceptions of seduction, and power roles. How is that a woman, that is supposedly on top of her game will PAY a membership fee to go to a place where her part is already scripted? It will not make the place interesting at all for women. Women are seduced by giving them power, and assuring intellectual stimulation of some sort. I think is a very daring (if they were to target women) business/recreational project. BUT I think if is only male directed will end up like any other brothel, expensive and even dumb.
I think the whole thing would be really intresting in terms of marketing. Female sexuality is in deed difficult to exploit so directly if is in an instrumental way to others different than the female self. The game here is of course the ambiguity of who is in control, and when all that is pre-determined by the rules of this game, only a few will pay to play.


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