Otem was an Israeli guy from Haifa I met 12 years ago. He was such a sweet guy besides his tanned skin, blue eyes and blonde curly hair... While being with him I met some of his pals, they where a little defensive, specially whenever I questioned their political position towards their palestine neighbors.Now days I'm pretty disappointed in how senseless the Israeli "defense" of their political cause is going. I only question the status of affairs, and how the ones with power fail to help the people that need help.How can you call defense smashing a country's peoples and infrastructure?. How can you control "rebels" if you create destruction and poverty? How can you expect the "enemy" not to become heroes in the face of total domination through disproportionate, and totally senseless obliteration?. What is the point of bombing cities, destroying economies, to then expect gratitude in return, for being such a force of humiliation. How can't you take your national pride seriously when others tell the world you are less valuable than others?....I'm not a middle eastern, I'm an American, and I think this military occupation (outside israeli borders) is just counterproductive for Israel and for the US... How can the powerful be so clumsy in failing to see that arrogance, cruelty, selfishness create perceived tyrannies? Bombs are not very civil. Ideology should be fought with logic, not with violence.
The image has a link to a blogger from the territories under attack.


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