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I'm extremely impressed with the work of Candy Chang! So nice to find such a good role models!

M.S. Urban Planning
Columbia University, 2007

B.F.A. Graphic Design
University of Michigan, 2001

B.S. Architecture

University of Michigan, 2001

Candy is a designer and artist in Helsinki. With a background in graphic design, architecture, and urban planning, she likes to make city information more accessible and engaging through research, design, and the creative use of public space. Recent work includes a guide to rules and rights for street vendors, air quality visualizations on mobile devices, post-it notes for neighbors, flash cards on renters’ rights, and a little book about NYC's first skyscraper.

A former art director at The New York Times, she went on to work in Nairobi, New Orleans, Vancouver, Johannesburg, and New York City on collaborative community-based projects with residents, advocacy groups and local government. For the past three years she's been involved with Global Studio, an international program informed by the UN Millennium Development Goals that benefits underserved communities and facilitates grassroots collaborative partnerships. She is also a 2009 TEDGlobal Fellow. Thanks to nerdy computer programs and vintage keyboards, she also makes music and released her record Typography in 2003. She has performed in NYC, Detroit and Grenoble, and her projects have been featured in the U.S., Italy, and Russia.

After living in New York City from 2001-2009, she now lives in Helsinki where she develops strategic visions for Nokia and dabbles in many other things. She likes synthesizers, maps and world’s fairs and has won few awards that compare to 2nd place in rodeo horse grooming when she was seven.

Her newest is a set of cards with tenant rights:

"Many residents in New York are unfamiliar with their housing rights. What is my landlord required to repair? How does rent stabilization work? When can my landlord enter my apartment? Thanks to a generous grant from Sappi Ideas That Matter, Candy collaborated with non-profit group Tenants & Neighbors to develop and produce a boxed set of 30 flash cards on tenants' rights. The flash cards translate New York's official Tenants' Rights Guide into a fun and friendly format that covers everything from security deposits and subletting to privacy and eviction so residents can enjoy good times while becoming empowered residents. The flash cards are available for $10 in Tenants & Neighbors' online store and all profits go towards their good work. Buy one for yourself and all of your friends - a righteous gift for anyone in New York state!"


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