Christopher Kane graphic fang

These Babbon T-Shirt series by Chistopher Kane are yummy and kind of devilish. The contrast of the big prints with the shape of the garments create amazing organic patterns that are colorful and totally unexpected.
It probably will get you stronger powers than the infamous 3 wolfs shirt.

Now, give 400 bucks to buy one!

Kane established his own-name label in 2006, with his sister, Tammy Kane, who studied at the Scottish College of Textile Design, running the financial side of the business and also assisting in his fabric creation and design process. [5]. His first independent show, presented on 20 September 2006, consisted of super-short bandage dresses in neon shades. Kane said of his collection that he " only used neon last year because it was [his] first collection and I wanted to go as bright as possible." [5] The collection was lauded by prominent international fashion critics [6][7]and credited by various sources as a major contributor to summer 2007's 'fluoro' trends. [8] In April 2006, Kane was awarded the Young Designer of the Year at the Scottish Fashion Awards. [9] Subsequently, the designer launced a capsule collection for British high-street clothing store Top Shop.[10]


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