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Mr. Jacobs is a genius when it comes to being a merchant of the visual... and having so many thousands of complacent individuals as clients I guess this new season's "concept" will be a hit even when it is all reduced to a perceptual color scheme. You can get both fashion and art in one bag!
Richard Prince has an ongoing exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum here in NYC. I would dare to say that -on Prince's work- there are reminiscences of the same treatment of "femininity" that Terry Richardson gives to the subjects of his work: feminine take from a sexual perspective only, I'm afraid. Unidimentional femininity for LV...? Maybe D&G.

"Richard Prince: Nurse Paintings
FROM www.sadiecoles.com

When asked about these paintings last year, Richard Prince said ‘I’m painting nurses. I like their hats. Their aprons. Their shoes. My mother was a nurse. My sister was a nurse. My grandmother and two cousins were nurses … I like the words nurse, nurses, nursing.’ Painting over large inkjet prints of pulp paperbacks, each featuring a pretty, melancholic-looking nurse, Prince has created a vivid series of canvases that sit somewhere between his appropriated photoworks and joke paintings; the subject matter bringing to mind his Girlfriends series, as well as works such as Untitled (Three women looking in one direction), 1980.

Exaggerating the garish palette of these sixties covers, everything is painted out except for the titles of the books and the nurses themselves, who are washed over in various pastel shades and given white slashes across the face in approximations of surgical masks. The books’ titles – which include the classics Heartbreak Nurse, Dude Ranch Nurse, Aloha Nurse and Danger Nurse at Work – are left as grand captions over each image, with any other characters or text painted out in expressionist gashes of colour (although tantalising fragments of handsome doctors and cheesy bylines such as ‘Could her love thaw his frozen heart?’ are allowed to come through the layers of paint)." source
From nursingadvocacy.org: "
The masks in particular point to critical problems today's nurses face, namely their invisibility and difficulty in speaking up for themselves. Nurses are poorly understood--as if hidden behind masks--but many feel they urgently need to shed them, to tell the world what they do and why it matters, to move, in Buresh and Gordon's phrase, "from silence to voice." In some of the paintings, the nurses' eyes burn out over the mask. This suggests real, sentient beings struggling to assert a genuine identity, and to overcome the obstacles placed in their way by the very society they are trying to save. Though it's unlikely Prince intended it, it's possible to see this exhibition as a harsh but constructive critique of nursing's invisibility and a call to action. As one veteran nurse noted in reaction to the paintings: "The masks are killing us.""
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