style police

What caught my attention from this campaign is that "informs" people about how carrying a counterfeit item in France is actually illegal. But, who will enforce this law? I can picture some offended French then playing "good citizens" and calling the "style police". Pretty futile if you ask me...How can anybody market massively luxury and deny it to the masses on the basis of "originality"? Is luxury exclusive to a brand perception? or it exclusive to design? is it possible to segregate design from perception of brand? do counterfeit buyers buy the brand of the design? If the value of an object is mostly its price (read brand) why would people only buy from the highest cost seller in a hyper capitalist world....? Status? who's? The few that actually can afford the brand? But if people define themselves by what the own, why can not access a "perceived life" by merely buying the appearance that even fake brands give? Is the"brand promise" owned by one brand?Any discussion around luxury items is deemed to be laughable and nihilist. The business of fake needs for fake existences... Good luck french dudes in enforcing a weak law in the face of the hegemony of luxury fashion. A hierarchical power based in -one hand- on exclusivity -and in the other- alluring the masses


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