Designer crosses border and becomes tailor superesta'!

Another New York fall fashion week has come and gone, as you well know because you read my online dispatches (statesman.com/style) religiously, and I sure appreciate it. I must say, February would never be my first choice among months to visit New York. I got caught in the blizzard that dumped almost 27 inches of snow on Central Park. In that regard, spring fashion week, which is held in September, is preferable to fall. There was only one show I attended too late to report on last week, and it was perhaps the most fun of all. The line is called Manuel, after Manuel Cuevas, who was once the former lead designer for Nudie's Rodeo Tailor, which was famous for outfitting many country music stars. Cuevas, 73, also takes credit for Elvis Presley's gold lamé suit, the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper uniforms and the Rolling Stones' tongue logo. This was his first runway show, and it featured men and women wearing the most spectacular, embellished Westernwear I've ever seen. The crowd went bonkers for it. St. Thomas Boutique co-owner Riley Estebes de Silva was so enamored that he immediately tracked down the showroom so he could bring the line to all the states.Manuel was born, Manuel Arturo José Cuevas Martinez, on April 23rd, 1938 in Michoacán, Mexico, and was the fifth of eleven children of Esperanza and José Guadalupe Cuevas.
Manuel's was taught to sew at the age of seven, by his older brother and tailor, Adolfo. He has made his own clothes ever since. During this time Manuel mastered a wide scope of the clothier's art, including leather working, hat making, silver working and boot making.
Manuel then attended the University of Guadalajara majoring in psychology before leaving his native Mexico for Los Angeles in the mid 1950s.


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