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"CM: I’m sure you will…You’ve brought up an incredible observation: that we are raised to believe that women’s bodies sell products but when you apply that same notion to a male, you’re met with some controversy… do you think that still applies? Or have you also noticed the increasingly ever present male nudity in today’s editorial pages?

SS: Well there is an increased level of nudity in the world in general, it seems to have become the norm. However, it is interesting how male nudity outside of gay porn still causes a controversy. After the male nude for YSL M7, we did a shoot with GQ Style with Tom Ford and every penis had to be censored. Even though it is not unusual to show full frontal female nude in fashion magazines, male nudes are still considered a taboo.

With regards to male nudity in advertising the six pack and the broad shoulders are the norm, and I guess that this is as unfortunate as the big boobs and flat tummied girls being used for nude shots and the skinny girls being used for fashion. Some people argue that these are healthy ideals, but it’s about stereotypes we have become accustomed to. And I think it’s great every time this mold can be broken. Diversity is beautiful."

-Sølve Sundsbø interview with Christopher Michael


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