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Terminator Technology

There is a technology available suitably called the Terminator technology, which is designed to genetically switch off a plant's ability to germinate a second time; kill the plant after the first harvest.

What is the purpose of switching off seed germination?

Many believe it is purely a business idea by forcing farmers to buy a fresh supply of seeds each year -- many of whom are in the developing world and cannot afford to do this.

The traditional practice (tried and tested for thousands of years) of saving seeds for the next harvest comes under threat due to a US patent on this technology to prevent 'unauthorized seed-saving' by farmers. The patent gives EXCLUSIVE ownership to ONE corporation on the genetic code of THOUSANDS of seeds.

Supporters of the terminator, or suicide, technology believe that the idea of it is for the protection of corporations from unscrupulous farmers (yeah, right). Control of seed germination helps prevent growers from pirating their technology. If crops remain fertile, there is a chance that farmers could use any saved transgenic seed from a previous season. This would result in poorer profits for companies.

This then becomes a battle over a farmer's (traditional) right and a the multinational corporation's right.

This issue is the most immoral abuse of corporate power, and affects nations regardless of borders, please inform yourself about it.

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