Dandella (think dandelion) is a GPS-like tracking device. Though it behaves more like a sunflower always point towards the sun, this device lights up & bends towards its direction or other dandella that it's been synchronised with. Easy for finding your friend in a crowded mall, or for parents to keep track of their kids at the mall. The form is kept minimal and humble, likened to holding a flower in the hand. Dandella simplifies the complex interface of current GPS devices to a simple notion of ‘just follow where it points.

Designers Yong-kai Tan and Priscilla Lui from NUS Design Incubation Centre say they were simply trying to solve the problem of losing someone and having to find them.

Dandella provides an intuitive way to navigate, and find directions by ‘pointing’ to the right way.

This device works with GPS enabled mobile phones to track physical locations. Dandella bends and points toward the targeted location. It can be programmed to track each other, for parent and child to locate one another. Alternatively, it can also be use to find a location base on a particular set of GPS coordinates determined by the user. By ‘going where it points’ users can instinctively find their way with Dandella.


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