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Visiting the Oak boutique website I came across what I consider one of the supreme pieces of editorial writing I can remember. Perhaps it is because I also feel "old and confused" when visiting the store, perhaps because it makes fun of all that is cool. Excellent writing nonetheless.
here are extracts from the NewYorkTimes editorial titled:
Critical Shopper | Oak
Put Arm (A) Into Sleeve (B)

"If Heather Locklear had a parasitic twin emerging from her sternum who happened to be a nun, this would be something they would agree they could wear to Starbucks."

The tomblike dressing rooms have elegant, tall backlighted mirrors. The light illuminates only the sides of the mirrors, for a solar-eclipse effect that makes the mirror seem to hover in retrograde Satanic ecstasy, watching as you struggle blindly with openly hostile mutant-octopus cardigans that suddenly have 117 sleeves, no neck holes and no capacity for mercy.

I felt lucky to get out of that cardigan alive.

As I stumbled out of the dressing room, clammy, gasping and disoriented, the salesman appeared.

“We unfortunately sold out of the dress with the instruction manual,” he said, shrugging. “You had to wrap it around yourself three times.”

I pushed past him and fled into the street."

Near the subway, I saw a Hare Krishna struggling to get off his bicycle; his big gauze diaper-dress had become tangled in the chain. I wanted to clutch his beads, weeping. Brother, I failed. I didn’t have the training. But you … there’s hope for a fashion warrior like you."

The whole thing here


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